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Chicago Bears Injury Report and a starting line up change as they ready for joint practices with the Colts

The Chicago Bears held a practice at Halas Hall today before heading off to Indiana for two joint practices with the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday and Thursday.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are no longer at training camp in Bourbonnais, so if you thought it was tough extracting info from those practices, the news nuggets will be fewer and further between now.

The Bears will be practicing with the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday and Thursday, before the two teams meet for preseason game number 2 in Indy on Saturday night.

Earlier today the Bears held a practice at Halas Hall and the only pertinent stuff we have for you is the injury list and one change to the unofficial starting lineup.

Wide out Alshon Jeffery remains sidelined with his mysterious calf ailment. The team is calling it a minor calf strain, but time will tell. He's not expected to play on Saturday night against the Colts or practice this week, unless "there's a miraculous recovery."

Running back Daniel Thomas and safety Ryan Mundy were both limited at practice today, and tight end Martellus Bennett had a brief injury scare before returning to the lineup.

Tight end Chris Pantale did not practice today with an illness and he's the only member of the roster that will not make the trip to Indianapolis.

Rookie safety Adrian Amos was "officially" promoted to the top of the "unofficial" depth chart and he'll likely start alongside veteran Antrel Rolle. The Bears are looking for some center-fielder type play-making ability from the position and neither Mundy nor Brock Vereen has taken hold of the spot. had this little quick hit from today's practice.

The Bears did some work on their four-minute drill during practice, getting reps in of clock management situations. ... Bennett caught a touchdown in a drill near the goal line not too long after he got hurt. ... Sherrick McManis picked off a pass from Jimmy Clausen to Marc Mariani. McManis jumped an out route.

The joint practices between the Bears and Colts this week will be closed to the public, but with threats of rain in the forecast tomorrow there is a plan in place.

The Colts have never held a joint practice under head coach Chuck Pagano, but he's excited for the opportunity.


"You get tired of beating on one another during training camp, so to have an opportunity, if you can find somebody that'll work with you and want to do some work against you, is a great change of pace," Pagano said earlier this offseason.

"Plus, you get to see from a schematic standpoint maybe a different offense, a different defense from an alignment standpoint. If you're going against an odd front the entire time or whatever, it gives you an opportunity to maybe go against a different look and some different players. I'm definitely a proponent of it."

Bears head coach John Fox has some experience with joint practices, which is why they are limiting the match-up to two days.


"One of the things you learn through experience is we're only going two days instead of three days," Fox said. "That third day things get a little chippy, so I think part of the planning is looking at that third day."

So no fighting this week, isn't that right Kyle Long?

"It's going to be a very controlled environment," Long said. "Things aren't going to be allowed to go off the handle very often, and I think Indianapolis has a tremendous coaching staff and a roster that won't let it happen like that, and same with us.

"We get tired of hitting each other, especially when you're in minicamp and training camp for so long, so we're excited to hit some guys with horseshoes on their helmets."

We'll bring you as much info as possible the next couple days from Indy, so stay tuned...