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The Bears Den: August 21, 2015

Join us below for the most recent news and updates surrounding the Chicago Bears!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears concluded their two days of practice with the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, and are now preparing to square off full speed for preseason game #2 on Saturday.

Here's all you need to know:

- First and foremost, how can you watch/stream/listen to the game tomorrow? (LINK)

- The Bears defense started off fast against Andrew Luck and the Colts offense, but it didn't stay that way. (LINK)

- 8 Observations from the Bears- Colts practice. (LINK)

- The Bears transition from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 is looking positive. (LINK)

- Head coach John Fox is excited to see Adrian Amos suit up tomorrow. (LINK)

- Larry Mayer says the two joint practices were a success for the Bears. (LINK)

- Jerry Angelo, the guy who traded the house for Jay Cutler, doesn't think highly of Cutler. (LINK)

- VIDEO: Hampton and McKinnon discuss 1985 Bears holdouts (LINK)

- ICYMI: Ranking the NFC North quarterbacks. (LINK)

- Non-Bears related:  Lovie Smith to take over defensive play-calling duties from his DC Leslie Frazier in Tampa Bay. (LINK)

Stay tuned to WCG throughout the day, as we'll have injury updates and game previews coming up.