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Bears vs. Colts - Five things to watch

The Bears have a lot of work to do before they're ready for the season. Here, we'll take a look at some things to focus on in the second preseason game.

Jeremy Langford is in a battle. Will he come out on top of those behind Forte?
Jeremy Langford is in a battle. Will he come out on top of those behind Forte?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears still need a lot of work. They're still trying to implement systems, evaluate players, and be ready to go in 3 weeks. Let's take a quick look at some of the things to keep an eye on this weekend versus Indianapolis.

Where's Cutler holding the ball?
Last week against the Dolphins, Cutler seemed to be holding the ball a bit higher than he has in the past. Ball protection was one of his biggest problems last summer, with a lot of fumbles. One thing Gase has, I'm sure, been emphasizing is ball protection. If Cutler is keeping it high and tight, and does so despite adversity, it shows he's learning.

In the past, as he scanned the field, you'd often see him hold the ball near his waist. That's where the fumbles come into play. If he's not doing that, he's already pointed towards a more successful season.

How's Charles Leno doing at right tackle?
This week Charles Leno got time with the #1s, and that should extend into this game. With Jordan Mills having a less than impressive game against the Dolphins (Oh, hi, Cameron Wake. Your turnstile is ready,) Leno has the opportunity now to take that job and make it his own.

Adrian Amos is your #1 safety?
Last week, Brock Vereen was late in recognition as the Dolphins went for it on 4th and goal, was out of position, almost bit on a wrong angle, and didn't make it to his man. This week, he's replaced.

With Amos in that spot, keep an eye on whether he maintains his spot, or gets too anxious to make a play and overpursues. If he maintains his marks and performs well in this game against the Colts, the week 1 job could be his to lose.

What're all these linebackers doing?
This week dictates who will get plays next week. Who plays next week is a very strong indication of who plays Week 1. Jones and McClellin seem to have the locks on the inside spots right now, but they're facing a much better offense than they did last week. Can they keep this position?

Who is playing outside? McPhee was caught out of place a couple times last week, and while Allen didn't look as bad as some might have thought he could, he probably isn't your full-time guy. How will these rotations get set up?

Running backs - there's a lot of them. Who's who?
Forte will probably take some snaps this week. The others, though, are fighting. Langford, Perry, and Carey all showed flashes last week, some more than others. Given the historical nature of John Fox's teams, I'd expect four running backs on this roster, with one focusing on special teams. Who will be the odd man out?

As a reminder, keep an eye who is getting the early shots on special teams. Crossing that with the guys who perform well on second or third string are your key indicators of who the bottom half of your 53-man roster is.

This is, by no means, an all-encompassing list. What are you fans looking most forward to watching in this second preseason matchup? Let us know below.