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Fantasy Football 2015: Best team names

As we get ready to kick of the 2015 fantasy season, let us know your best team names, either past of present.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Fantasy Football seasons are so full of critical decisions, it can be just as stressful-- if not more-- than your real job.  And for some, this is their real job.

Those first round picks can make or break your season, so getting them right is crucial, but ensuring a solid mid- to -late-round strategy is also key to a successful season.

But no other decision is more critical than the granddaddy of them all... the decision that you may spend days, if not weeks deliberating on: Your team name(s).

So in the spirit of creative groupthink, as well as just to show off those that we're most proud of, let us know below your favorite team names from years' past, and maybe even what you're looking at for this season.

The more Chicago Bears the better, but also feel free to include other names that someone else used that you wish you had come up with.

We'll compile the best and share on our social sites in a few days.

Have fun!