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Preseason 2015: Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts, 1st Quarter Open Thread

It's game day! Join us inside for our Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts Open Thread...

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For those who missed it, Alshon Jeffery will NOT play tonight versus the Indianapolis Colts.  He's still nursing a mild calf strain, so the team will give him more time to continue to heal.

Of course, that makes the most sense, considering the games that count don't start for another three weeks.  Rest that sucker up and take no chances.

The starters will play 'a few series' according to the team's website, but that will obviously vary based on position.  Quarterback Jay Cutler got about 15 snaps last week, so they may up that number to 20 or so tonight, depending on in-game circumstances.  If the offensive line falls apart and he starts getting hit, they'll pull him.  But if the offense is clicking, he might get a good three or four series under his belt.

Remember, this is only the second preseason game in a new offense and a new defense, so the team won't be trying to do things tonight that they will be in the regular season.

This is your 1st Quarter Open Thread... have fun!