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Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts 2nd Half Open Thread

Score updates and more inside...

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears practiced Wednesday and Thursday with the Indianapolis Colts, and are squaring off tonight in preseason game #2... going into the half, Robbie Gould once again has stepped up to the football plate, kicking three field goals in the firs two periods.

The Bears trail the Colts 9-11 after two periods.

Last week, the Bears beat the Dolphins in dominant fashion, but also faced harsh news that rookie wide receiver Kevin White might miss the entire year after his shin splints developed into a stress fracture.

Pair that with Alshon Jeffery resting for the second week in a row with a sore calf muscle, and the Bears seem to be short-handed as the preseason plugs along.

The 3rd quarter is kicking off, so let us know what you will be watching for. The backups will be inserted, and lots of backup battles will be under the microscope.

This is your 2nd Half Open Thread... have fun!