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Bears vs Colts: John Fox speaks on Chicago's 2-0 start in preseason

Come see what the Bears head coach had to say after their victory over the Colts.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Opening Statement:

"In the game itself, Marquess (Wilson) was the only guy that was scheduled to play and left the game with a hamstring injury. I don't think it's overly serious, but he did not come back. Other than that, we're pretty healthy."

What do you want to see out of (Charles) Leno as you guys go forward these next couple weeks?

"It's competition. We're going to continue to compete. No jobs have been won yet. We're still figuring out who our 53 best players are going to be. We'll continue to do that. I thought we made progress tonight in really all phases, by no means have we arrived. If we can keep that mindset, I think we'll continue to improve."

When Leno is at his best, what does he do well?

"He's athletic. I've only seen him play in two games in person. I've seen him in practice now for a few opportunities. We'll keep the competition, really in, just about everywhere and see what happens."

Number one defense came out pretty strong, especially with the pass rush, what was your impression of them?

"Well, I thought we improved. Obviously, I didn't like the way we started a week ago. We let them off the hook a couple times with some mistakes. We still had mistakes tonight. But I think we ended up plus-one in the turnover ratio and that always is helpful. I thought our kicking game did a good job of changing field position. I thought the kicking game was solid as far as the scoring opportunities. Those are some things I saw that were better. "

When you see Jay Cutler go in there and lower the boom on that run, do you like that as a head coach? Do you wish he would slide?

"If it helps the team. Obviously, you hold your breath any time a guy goes down or was hit pretty solid, and particularly quarterbacks. It's a physical game. I thought it was good for the team. It didn't count on the board, but I think overall it was an excellent effort."

On the deep play to T.Y. Hilton when Kyle Fuller was in coverage, you see something on that play? Also, did you talk to Kyle about that penalty?

"Yeah, I'm not allowed to criticize officiating. It is preseason for them too."

What did you think about Cutler overall?

"I think he had a good night. I think he had a better night this outing than he did last week. It's kind of what we're looking to do, not just every week, but every day. I've said many times, he comes to work and puts in the time. I think he continues to do that he'll continue to improve. "

What'd you see from Jeremy Langford with the long run then the touchdown run?

"Good effort. I think he's a fast guy, a good guy, obviously, we thought enough of to draft. He has good vision and he's getting used to the pro game, but I like where he is right now."

What do you like most about where he is right now? Obviously, he's showing progress through these few weeks.

"He has talent and now he's learning how we play offense. There are some growing pains that come with that, but he definitely improved over last week, not that his last week's performance was bad. They start getting comfortable and they can actually play and not be thinking. I think you'll continue to see him improving."

What did you think of Adrian Amos overall, why not stay with him longer and take him out?

"We had a pitch count for everybody and we actually think about this stuff. We were kind of taking him out when the first (string) came out."

How important was it to get Lamarr Houston and Willie Young on the field for as many reps as you could to finally let them get some time?

"That's something you ask them about. I think they've showed good progress and good confidence building in practice. We've had some physical practices, but there's really nothing like playing live football against an opponent. I think they probably both feel good about getting over that hump."

With the amount of running you've been doing so far and you don't game plan, is it safe to say this is the tempo of the way you'd like to play?

"Yeah, there's actually some thinking and not game planning, but looks and stuff that we actually get to. Some of those involve runs and some of them involve passes. Our guys are starting to get the hang of it. It takes 11 people all knowing what they're doing and there's things changing at the line of scrimmage. That's pretty much how we're going to try to continue to play, yes."

The interception that Terrance Mitchell had did that stand out?

"That was a big time play. I think that was a good catch whether you're playing wide out or DB (defensive back). A very similar route that we got earlier in the game. He squeezed it pretty good and went up and made a great catch."