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The Bears Den: August 24, 2015

Join us inside for the latest and greatest headlines for the Chicago Bears!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's only preseason, but being 2-0 feels pretty good, especially considering one of those wins were against an Andrew Luck-led Colts team.

Not to get too high, but to see growth and development from preseason game #1 and game #2 is huge, and that's exactly what coaches want to see.  It's not only about putting points on the board, but seeing players develop from one week to another.

Let's take a look at the latest headlines:

- ICYMI, John Fox shared his thoughts on the victory over the Colts. (LINK)

- Reasons for optimism, and reasons for concern after the second preseason game. (LINK)

- Cornerback Kyle Fuller has some work to do-- is there too much hype around him? (LINK)

- Jay Cutler showed athleticism and toughness during his two quarters of work. (LINK)

- Larry Mayer highlights the progress shown by Chicago in last week's game. (LINK)

- Some notes from Saturday night's victory over the Colts. (LINK)

- The Bears are still searching for their right tackle.  Not worse than searching for an entire OL though. (LINK)

- Rookies providing an upgrade to the aging defense for Chicago. (LINK)

- Jeremy Langford stepping up to the plate as a backup running back. Still two weeks to go though. (LINK)

- The Bears had an overall good week in Indianapolis-- oh good grief, why that pic? (LINK)

- Former Chicago Bears great Dan Hampton has his prediction for the 2015 Bears. (LINK)

That's all for now-- stay tuned to WCG as we wrap up preseason week #2 and look to our next game against the Bengals!

EDIT: MODERATION NOTE - It's time to cool it with the juvenile nickname for Jacquizz Rodgers that is popping up in threads.  I was hoping it would naturally run its course and die down, but since it isn't then we're having to post this.  It's gross.  And immature.  Please stop.