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Kevin White injury update: Bears rookie WR has successful surgery on shin

Then Chicago Bears first round draft pick has had a successful surgery, and now looks to healing and rehab.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

When West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White fell to the Chicago Bears in the 1st round of the 2015 NFL Draft, most fans in Chicago immediately started celebrating the addition of a true #1 outside threat, and definite replacement for Brandon Marshall.  White has big play ability, and Bears fans finally knew what it felt like to get a big-time WR early in a draft.

Of course, fast forward a few months, and White began struggling with shin splints during OTA's.  The Bears brass insisted that it wasn't serious, which makes sense considering it was only shin splints, but things took a turn for the worse when White started trying to do some light work during training camp.

As can happen, the rookie's shin splints turned into a stress fracture, and the team had to make the announcement that White wold require surgery to repair the fracture, and that his entire 2015 season is more than likely getting shelved.

We can officially report that Kevin White had that surgery on Sunday, with a rod being inserted into his left tibia to repair that broken bone.

White tweeted this Sunday afternoon:

Now, it's time to heal up.  Sending the best to Kevin as he focuses on his rehab, and hope to see him back on the field when he is good to go.