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The Bears Den: August 25, 2015

Join us inside for all the latest updates on the Chicago Bears!

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Two games into the preseason, the Chicago Bears have a perfect 2-0 record, but as most will agree, preseason records don't equate to regular season success.  Just ask the 2008 Detroit Lions, who were a perfect 4-0 in the preseason, but fell 0-16 when it counted.

But, much improvement week-over-week, so we'll see if that continues this weekend versus the Bengals.  On to some headlines:

- George Halas gets statue at Halas Hall.  Amen. (LINK)

- Dan Durkin has some observations from the Bears-Colts game. (LINK)

- Jeremiah Ratliff will not appeal his three-game suspension handed down from the league this week. (LINK)

- Alshon Jeffery misses Monday practice, which is not surprising, but still no word on his return. (LINK)

- Here's what Larry Mayer has to say about the Alshon Jeffery injury. (LINK)

- The Bears are leaning more and more on Eddie Royal at the WR position. (LINK)

- It's the coaching, not the play, that could lift the Bears out of 'diminished expectations' mode. (LINK)

- Yes, Cutler completed 8/9 passes last week, but field goals won't beat the Packers. (LINK)

- The Bears made a couple roster moves yesterday on the offensive line. (LINK)

- Don't take advice from people who consistently make bad decisions. (LINK)

We'll be here all day long in preparation of this weekend's contest versus the Bengals... stay tuned to WCG more more updates throughout the day!