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The Bears Den: August 28, 2015

Join us inside for the latest headlines on the Chicago Bears...

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

We're one day away from the Bears vs Bengals matchup, which means one week closer to getting the regular season underway.  And while we're all ready for some real football, it almost seems like the Chicago Bears need to unplug, wait two months, then plug back in.  Of course, I'm talking about the injuries.

At the rate we're going, Jay Cutler won't have anyone to throw to any time soon, save for TE Martellus Bennett.  Fantasy owners take note.

Let's take a look at the latest headlines.

- WTF ALERT: This writer apparently does not know that rookie WR Kevin White won't be playing any time soon.  Did he write this six months ago, and schedule it for today?  Twilight Zone stuff... (LINK)

- CB Alan Ball is a big guy (6'2") and will likely see more action against the Bengals as the Bears continue to evaluate their defensive backs. (LINK)

- Many fans like to get mad at team president Ted Phillips about football stuff, but this is the type of work he does (and always has) for the team. He's a business man. (LINK)

- With all of the roster challenges going on, one thing is for certain: The running game under John Fox and Adam Gase is shaping up to be a beast. (LINK)

- Many questions still linger for the Bears ahead of their third preseason game. Here are some of them. (LINK)

- Think the preseason games are meaningless? THINK AGAIN. (link)

- "It's hard to bang rookie general manager Ryan Pace for leaving that position [WR] so bereft of talent. I mean, who expects the top four receivers to drop quicker than Kyle Fuller's future?" (LINK)