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Chicago Bears vs Cincinnati Bengals Pre-Party Open Thread

Join us inside for today's pre-game Open Thread!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Another preseason game, and another week of up-in-the-air questions regarding the injury status of several key Chicago Bears players. Head coach John Fox has been open with the fact that he's not trying to give too much information, but at this point the only thing that matters is how ready the team will be when the regular season starts.

A couple of links to peruse/ discuss before the game starts:

- If you missed it, here is how to watch, stream, listen to the game, and lots of other nuggets of information: LINK

- There's a 2015 Hype Video-- effective or nah? LINK

Conspiracy theory: After the devastating news about rookie wideout Kevin White potentially missing all of the 2015 season, we now have several more non-descript, vague injuries looming out there with the WR's. With John Fox intentionally and deliberately not giving much info, what if it's just a ploy to make people think it's worse than it actually is?

However, if the team really can't find folks to dress at wideout, that means Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte will be the primary and secondary targets for Jay Cutler in passing situations. Not bad options, as both can make big plays, so keep them in the back of your mind from a fantasy perspective.

Speaking of fantasy sleepers: EDDIE ROYAL. Chicago brought him in initially just to add a big of veteran depth, but presto/chango, he's now likely going to be starting all season long.

We'll be back later with our official game threads... have fun!

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