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Chicago Bears injury updates and more: John Fox speaks on the Bears loss to the Bengals

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox give some post-game injury updates and what his thoughts were after being defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Initial comments ...

"Updating the injuries: The one you don't know about it Sam Acho — he was sick, and we left him back in Chicago. As far as in-game injuries, we had Jeremiah Ratliff with an ankle (injury), Eddie Goldman with a concussion, Tracy Porter re-injured his hamstring, John Chiles also had a concussion, Senorise Perry with a foot (injury), Jon Bostic with a leg (injury), and everybody else was cleared. Jimmy (Clausen) was cleared. We didn't put him back in the game, but he was cleared after the hit late in the game."

The first four drives offensively, you had four punts. Do you have any sense as to why the offense couldn't get into a rhythm?

"We came into the game light at the receiver position. We were going to lean on the run some. I don't think our execution was great in that area — that's all involved. Without looking at the tape, some of the things were that they were the first 4-3 team in base defense that we've played. I don't know that we reacted really well to that. But overall, our execution wasn't as good in the run game as it has been. It was an area we did not improve."

Offensively, how do you put your assessment in the proper frame, knowing that you have been short-handed?

"The good news is, I don't think we've turned it over a bunch. We have moved the ball. Jay (Cutler) has been efficient. Up until tonight, our run game has been a little bit consistent. Things like third down, it was kind of a bugaboo both offensively and defensively tonight. They're areas we need to improve."

The defense played well last week against Indianapolis, so were you disappointed with how they came out tonight?

"I don't think we improved. I don't know that ‘disappointed' is right. Every game, every team has its own personality. I just don't think we played as tight and as sharp as we did a week ago. Most of that was on third down, in particular defensively."

How concerned are you about your depth at wide receiver going into the season?

"A coach at preseason (game) No. 3 is concerned about everything. As far as depth, we have some guys that did not play. Hopefully they're ready once the preseason is over."

How would you evaluate the situation at right tackle right now?

"It's competitive. We gave (Charles) Leno a good shot with the ones tonight, so we'll evaluate it and make whatever decisions that we deem best moving forward."

Do you have any idea about the severity of Jeremiah Ratliff's ankle injury yet?

"Not really. It's not broken. It's an ankle. I don't know how much we will play him in the last preseason game, and then he's going to have a minute to heal."

It looked like you were talking to the officials after the hit on Jimmy Clausen. What was the nature of that conversation? Did they give an explanation for why they didn't throw a flag?

"They're in tough spot, with whether the guy started (the hitting motion) early and all of those things. But my thing is, player safety is player safety. We've got to fix it. I'm sure they'll look at it."

What have your impressions been of Will Sutton, as he's clawed to find a niche somewhere on the defense?

"Will has been very competitive all throughout camp. He's had a good game. We'll evaluate all the tape from tonight, tomorrow. We've got decisions to make as early as Monday, or late tomorrow. But I think he's had a good camp."

The cornerbacks were rotating in and out of the game a lot. Was that the plan?

"Yeah. That was the plan. That's why we did it."

Are you still looking for someone to step up there?

"We're trying to pick a 53-man roster. You have to look at guys in preseason game to figure that out."

Tim Jennings has been a starter and Pro Bowl player here, but he came in tonight in the second quarter. Is he fighting for a roster spot?

"I think everybody is. There's 90 people — do the math.

Was Alshon Jeffery not able to travel with the team?

"We thought it was better medically that we left him back for treatment, and that's what we did."