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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Check out my quarterback heavy edition of NFL Thoughts this week...

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1) Robert Griffin III is no longer the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Earlier today head coach Jay Gruden name Kirk Cousins the starter and I think it's the correct choice.

RGIII can be a successful QB in the NFL, but he needs an offense built around him. The entire system has to be RGIII friendly and Gruden is a strict West Coast Offense guy. Cousins is the right guy at this time because the Redskins need to find out if he's their long term answer. And since it's obvious that RGIII isn't, they should just take the hit and cut him loose.

I find it interesting that the guy that drafted both RGIII and Cousins, Mike Shanahan, was very complementary about Cousins saying, "Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB he will be a top 10 QB in this league no doubt about it"

Cousins will need to prove he can take care of the ball before he can prove to be a top 10 guy.

2) The Buffalo Bills are going with 5th year pro Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback and I think that's the right choice for them too. The other two QBs in Bills' camp  (EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel) aren't the answer, and Tyrod is athletic enough to be a threat to run on every play. All he has to do is play smart and stay within the system and let that defense do its thing.

I may as well keep the QB Thoughts coming...

3) The Houston Texans may have found the right quarterback at the right time for their particular team. Brian Hoyer isn't an upper echelon QB, but he's a veteran on his 5th team in seven years that should understand his role. Manage the offense, protect the ball and let that talented defense keep them in games.

They were 9-7 last year with Ryan Fitzpatrick, another journeyman type QB under center, and they should be better on both sides of the ball in 2015.

4) Speaking of Ryan Fitzpatrick, he may have stumbled into a good situation for him as well. In my opinion, he's always been an OK quarterback, not a world-beater, but someone you can win with in the right circumstance. The New York Jets want to be a strong defensive team, with a commitment to the running game. The exact formula you need to limit a QBs chances to make a mistake.

The Jets play in a very tough division, but they should be competitive all year long.

Should I just keep up the QB Thoughts?

5) I don't think the Tom Brady suspension is such a bad thing for the New England Patriots.

As it stands right now, It gives them four weeks to evaluate Jimmy Garoppolo, whom the franchise would like to be Brady's heir apparent. The Pats will get some film on Garoppolo playing against the 3-4 defenses of the Steelers and the Bills, the hybrid front of the Jaguars and the Tampa 2 of the Cowboys.

It will be valuable experience for their young signal caller, plus the time off could be a blessing for the 38 year old Brady. And besides, things usually have a way of working out for the Patriots.

OK, one more QB thought!

6) Last week Rex Grossman signed a 1 year deal to back up Matt Ryan with the Atlanta Falcons.

The fact that Rex Grossman, who hasn't thrown a pass in a regular season game since 2011 and who was out of football last year, just signed to play QB in the NFL, should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of quarterbacks available to teams these days.

7) Preseason means nothing right?

The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 and their 1st team offense just exploded for 39 first half points against the Green Bay Packers in the all important "dress-rehearsal" game. Philly QB Sam Bradford was really good in completing 10 of 10 passes for 121 yards and 3 TDs.

8) Detroit Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah had a fantastic preseason debut, but he's not the only rookie running back making waves for the Lions. Undrafted free agent Zach Zenner, out of South Dakota State, has 162 yards on 25 carries (6.5 ypc).

8a) Speaking of stats, check out what Detroit's Matthew Stafford has done so far this preseason, 19 for 25, 308 yards (76.0%), 3 TDs and a passer rating of 156.3.

9) I wonder how the NFL will address this?

10) Washington offensive tackle Trent Williams just inked a 5 year extension worth $66 million, but get this, $43.25 million of it is guaranteed.

Maybe Kyle Long, the Chicago Bears Pro Bowl guard, should push for that move to tackle.

10a) And speaking of moving Long to tackle, head coach John Fox claims that Long has "had plenty of practice at both guard and tackle."

If Fox considers the few days Long spent at tackle during OTAs "plenty," then I guess his definition of plenty is just as skewed as his definition for "day to day."

EDIT: It looked like Long was working at RT today.