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Devin Hester taking shots at Jay Cutler

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Another day, another former Chicago Bears player having something to say about Chicago's quarterback.

The latest ex-Bear is Devin Hester, who played five years with Jay Cutler, before signing with the Atlanta Falcons before the 2014 season. In a recent interview with ESPN's Vaughn McClure, who used to cover the Bears, Hester talked up his current quarterback, Matt Ryan, but in doing so he took a little shot at Cutler.

Hester talked about how he and Ryan are on the same page, and if he does make a mistake, Ryan works with him to correct it. Something he didn't always get while playing with Cutler.

"If we weren't on the same page, Jay just didn't say anything to me,'' Hester said. "He just wouldn't (throw) to me. That's just how he was.

"With Matt, if he sees something that he feels needs to be changed, he'll come to you and say, 'Hey man, what do you think about doing it this way? It will give us a clearer look, and I'll be able to get the ball to you.'"

Hester says his lack of a dialog with Cutler was a big reason he choose not to play receiver his last year in Chicago.

During the last preseason game, Matt Ryan was seen getting Hester lined up correctly pre-snap. The two also spoke "several times this preseason" about miscommunications. Bears fans probably have memories of Cutler having to line Hester up during their time together in Chicago.

One reason the 10 year pro may have for needing some extra help is he's learning all three wide receiver positions this year, as opposed to solely working from the slot.

It's worth noting that Hester's two most successful years as a receiver came with Cutler in 2008 and 2009. In each year, Cutler targeted him 91 times.