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USA Today predicts the Bears will finish 3-13

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this offseason, the USA Today put out an NFL Power Ranking with the Chicago Bears ranked dead last.

Our comment section ranged from outrage over the disrespect, to who cares, to confusion, to fans glad their team is flying under the radar, to fans excited at a possible early 1st round draft pick.

Chicago certainly has some question marks surrounding the team, but I think most NFL experts see the arrow pointing up for the 5-11 Bears.

I'm not sure how much Nate Davis of the USA Today had to do with the Bears' low ranking back in May, but at least he's towing the company line and predicting the Bears will be the worst team in the NFL with a 3-13 record.

Bears (3-13): Defense will look almost entirely different in terms of personnel and scheme. They can only hope QB Jay Cutler looks entirely different from 2014 version under new coaching staff.

He has four teams predicted at 4-12, the Washington Redskins, the Tennessee Titans, the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's also predicting three teams with just five wins, the Oakland Raiders, the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers.

The USA Today's Davis probably could have predicted the Bears to finish with a better record than some of these teams, but then he wouldn't have Chicago fans pissed off at the extreme slight.