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The Bears Den: August 6, 2015

The latest and greatest from the Chicago Bears, all packed in one place.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

While it's a million times better than the dead season of May and June, getting little snippets and flashes from the Chicago Bears training camp is almost like getting to go on a date with your crush, only to have them end the night early and go home without a kiss.  Every single day.

But something is better than nothing, and anytime you hear about your favorite players making big plays, it gets you excited.

Here's the latest from the Bears:

- Remember that Saints dude that shoved George McCaskey last year? Turns out he's a lawyer, but the judge didn't seem to care. (LINK)

- Every offensive coordinator to ever work with Jay Cutler has always spoken up about the quarterback's intelligence. Adam Gase is no different. He says it's way better than he thought. (LINK)  Here is more from that Q/A: (LINK)

- And Jay Cutler thinks Adam Gase is creative and smart himself. (LINK)

- Speaking of Cutler, he says the offense is heading in the right direction. (LINK)

- 5 Observations from camp, including how Shea McClellin is actually doing the thing.  (LINK)

- Brian Urlacher and Olin Kreutz were hosted by the team on Wednesday. John Fox said he wants to make things right with the future HOF linebacker, and having him around practice is a step in the right direction. (LINK)

- Wondering which Bears players you should consider for your fantasy team? (LINK)

- Andy Benoit says the Bears offense should put the load squarely on Matt Forte's shoulders this season. (LINK)

- Earlier this week, Kevin White spoke on his injury. Yesterday, John Fox sheds some light. (LINK)

- Linebacker Christian Jones is fitting right in to Vic Fanio's defense-- aggressive and versatility are king.  (LINK)

Stay with us throughout the day for more updates from Chicago Bears training camp!