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The NFL's leader in jersey sales for the state of Wisconsin is a Chicago Bear

Move over Aaron Rodgers. Get to the back of the line Clay Matthews. Peppers Schmeppers. Jordy who? There's a new #1 in jersey sales for the state of Wisconsin and he doesn't even play for the Green Bay Packers.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

All season long Dick's Sporting Goods will update their Jersey Report in real time, so we can see the most up to date list of NFL jersey sales. From the end of last year to the start of this season, 28 states have a new favorite jersey, and the most surprising in my opinion is the top seller in the state Wisconsin.

At the end of last year, as expected, the #12 of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the top seller in not only Wisconsin, but Iowa as well. At the start of the 2015 NFL season, it's a bit quieter in Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood, as he lost his top jersey sales spot in both states.

Iowa now belongs to the #12 of Indianapolis Colts' QB Andrew Luck, but Wisconsin now belongs to the #22 of the Chicago Bears' Matt Forte.

That has to sting a little for Packer fans.

In overall sales, Forte is actually down 20 spots to 23rd overall, but he is the leader in sales for not only Wisconsin, but Illinois and Nebraska as well.

Rodgers actually held firm in 14th overall, but I guess all of the Green Bay "owners" residing in the state of Wisconsin were busy spending their disposible income on other cheesehead related items

Other Bears charting in the top 100 were Jay Cutler at 34, rookie PUP list member Kevin White was 50th, Jared Allen 61st and Kyle Fuller at 85. Kevin White has the #3 selling jersey among rookies and the overall number of Bears' jerseys sold places them in 11th this week.

What are your thoughts on Matt Forte discount double-checking Aaron Rodgers out of the top spot in his state?