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Matt Forte 2015 Fantasy Projections: Rushing, Receiving, and total TD's

What will the Chicago Bears running back do in fantasy leagues this season? Let's take a look at a couple of numbers...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

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Matt Forte is entering his 8th year with the Chicago Bears, and during the course of his career, has established himself among the best offensive players to ever lace them up in Chicago.

In his career, he averages about 1,100 yards rushing per season, and another 500+ receiving yards on top of that.  He also averages about 8 total touchdown per year.

From a statistical perspective Forte is about as much of a sure thing as you can imagine. He's a threat not only as a running back, but also as a genuine receiving threat out of the backfield.

As Forte gets geared up for 2015, let's do a quick Over/Under exercise:

TOTAL YARDS (rushing and receiving):  1,600

TOTAL TOUCHDOWNS (rushing and receiving):  8.5

Will Adam Gase's new offense allow Forte to go OVER his career average in these categories, or will he be UNDER?

Let us know what you think.