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Bears vs Packers Predictions: Jay Cutler vs Aaron Rodgers

Which quarterback will come out ahead from a statistics standpoint? Let us know what you think...

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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Jay Cutler might not be the most popular guy in the league, but he can sling the football with the best of them, and has the athleticism to beat you with his legs as well.  When the offensive line gives him time and his wide receivers run their routes, he can pick apart a defense.

On the other side, we have always Mr. Cool, Aaron Rodgers.  Despite the ugly uniform e wears, he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  It seems like the more pressure he's under, the better he performs.  This game will be at Soldier Field, but something tells me that won't bother him.

Let's do a quick prediction post, and we especially want to hear from you Fantasy folks.


- Yards passing: 250

- Passing TD's: 1.5

- Rushing TD's: 0.5


- Yards passing: 280

- Passing TD's: 2.5

- Sacked: 2.5

Let us know your predictions for these stats, and make sure to sign up for Fanduel with this LINK if you haven't already.  Lots of WCG members already have, and we'd rather see our folks winning money than anyone else.

Have fun!