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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

A good NFC East game to kick off the first Sunday Night Football game of the season...

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Both the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants have high hopes for the 2015 season, and starting the season off battling each other only seems fit.  Both are huge market teams, and both will get plenty of national coverage as the season moves along.

It it always a possibility that at least one Wild Card spot will come out of the NFC East, which is always one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.  And of course, Jerry Jones has to be happy that the first SNF game of the season will be held at his BILLION DOLLAR HOUSE {echo, echo, echo} because he's got to keep the lights on somehow.

So strap yourself in, and enjoy Tony Romo and Eli Manning battling it out for their first win of the season, and end your first Sunday of football with a bang.

This is your Sunday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!