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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Now that week one is over we know everything we need to know about the 2015 NFL season!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1) The top two picks in the 2015 NFL Draft were on opposite sidelines for their regular season debuts.

The Tennessee Titans' Marcus Mariota, the 2nd overall pick in the draft, completed 13 of 16 passes (81.3%), for 209 yards and 4 touchdowns, with a perfect passer rating of 158.3. He was pulled in the 4th quarter as his team rolled to a 42-14 win.

Number one overall pick, Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, completed 16 of 33 (48.5%), for 210 yards, 2 TDs and 2, with a 64.0 passer rating. The first pass of his professional career was returned for a TD.

I wonder how many teams are kicking themselves for not making a better offer to move up and draft Mariota at number two? Then again, maybe all the trade talk was just that, talk, and the Titans knew what they wanted all along.

2) After having his 4 game suspension reduced to nothing, I just knew Tom Brady was going to have a great game. No quarterback in the game today plays as good as Brady does when he's pissed off. Brady was 25 of 32 (78.1%), for 288 yards and 4 TDs. It helps having a monster like Rob Gronkowski to throw to, but I think Brady and the Patriots are going to have a fantastic season.

3) Last year San Diego Chargers' wide out Keenan Allen followed up a very good rookie season (71/1,045/8 in 2013), with what many considered a disappointment (77/787/4 in 2014). On Sunday he was playing like he wanted to erase the memory of his sophomore season. He caught 15 of the 17 balls thrown his way for 166 yards.

4) The clock management by the New York Giants at the end of their game Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys was awful. But on the flip side, the game winning drive by Dallas and Tony Romo was very good.

4a) Dallas tight end Jason Witten is a first ballot Hall of Famer right?

5) Speaking of awful, did you happen to catch the Marc Trestman offense for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday? Baltimore QB Joe Flacco averaged 3.7 yards per pass attempt.

6) One more awful for you.

Does Chris Berman really need to do play by play? His commentary last night in the MNF late game made me long for Trent Dilfer to speak up more as the color man.

OK, I wrote that last sentence around the 2nd quarter of the game. I'm now in the 3rd quarter, and I want the ESPN booth microphones to cut out. Trent Dilfer is more excited than any man should be in a 7-0 game.

6a) OK, one final awful. The Minnesota Vikings look bad.

7) Week 1 overreaction alert!

So much for my Philadelphia Eagles vs Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl prediction. While the Eagles came back after being down 20-3 at the half to make it a close game, the Colts looked bad all game long.

8) Is it just me, or is every other commercial about fantasy football?

I can't imagine how annoying that must be for the few of you that don't take part in the near hundred billion dollar industry.

And for those of you that don't play, why don't you?

8a) Speaking of fantasy football.

Did you know that we have our very own fantasy football expert writer on staff now?

Be sure to check out Jeff Berckes' debut WCG article, NFL Fantasy Football, Week 1 Review: Positional reviews and Chicago Bears updates.

9) I'm a fan of Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown, but no 36 year old quarterback should be doing this.

McCown suffered a concussion on the play and you know what that means.

The Johnny Manziel era begins...

10) The Chicago Bears were 5th in the preseason in rushing yards and that commitment seems to have translated to the regular season. I know it's just one week, but Chicago's 189 yards rushing ranks right behind the San Francisco 49ers.

The Bears next opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, are #1 in the NFL after one week in rushing defense by allowing a paltry 54 yards.

So you know what that means...



What are your week 1 NFL Thoughts?