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Jay Cutler vs Everyone Else

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler has faced the Green Bay Packers 13 times in his career. Eleven times as a starter for the Bears in the regular season, one more playoff start against them in 2010, and once as the starting QB for the Denver Broncos in 2007. His team only won one of those 13 games and that was Chicago's first match-up in the 2010 season.

The Packers have had a winning record every year that Cutler has faced them with an average of 11.4 wins in those 7 seasons (I didn't include the 2015 season in the average for obvious reasons). Each one of those 7 seasons the Packers made the playoffs and in 2010 they won the Super Bowl.

It's safe to say that the Packers have been one of the best teams in the NFL during Cutler's time in the league.

While I understand the media pointing out Cutler's failings against Green Bay, I think it's a bit overblown. Of course Cutler will struggle against a perennial championship contender, he's not the kind of elite player that can put a team on his back. If you look at his stats through the years against other top teams, I'd gather to say he's probably bad against them too.

Cutler will beat bad teams, he'll play ok against average teams, but he'll lose against good teams. Sure there are a few outlier games through the years, but generally speaking this is what you get with Jay.

Again, I understand this focus on his personal won loss record and poor stats against a division rival, but It got me to thinking where his numbers stack up against the other teams in the NFL.

First for comparisons sake, here are his overall career numbers, including playoffs.

62W-60L (.508), 2,429 completions, 3,949 attempts (61.5%), 28,329 yards, 186 touchdowns (4.7%), 132 interceptions (3.3%), 85.0 passer rating

Now here are his numbers in the 13 games against the Packers.

1W-12L (.077), 243 for 424 (57.3%), 2,986 yards, 16 TDs (3.8%), 24 Ints (5.7%), 66.1 passer rating

And finally here are his numbers against every other team in the NFL.

61W-48L (.560), 2,186 for 3,511 (62.3%), 25,342 yards, 170 TDs (4.8%), 108 Ints (3.1%), 87.4 passer rating

As expected, his overall stats receive an uptick when taking out Green Bay, but the numbers still paint a picture of a middle of the road QB.

The Packers aren't the only team Jay has a losing record against, it's just the most brutal. Here are the other 11 teams that Cutler has a losing record against. And for the record, I don't think QB Won/Loss is an overly important stat in a team game, but I certainly understand the point of those that do.

Baltimore Ravens (0-1), Chicago Bears (0-1), Houston Texans (0-2), Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2), Miami Dolphins (1-2), New England Patriots (0-3), New Orleans Saints (1-3), San Diego Chargers (2-4), San Francisco 49ers (1-2), Seattle Seahawks (2-3), Washington Redskins (0-2)

Here are the 13 teams Jay has a winning record against.

Arizona Cardinals (2-1), Atlanta Falcons (3-1), Cincinnati Bengals (2-1), Cleveland Browns (3-0), Dallas Cowboys (2-1), Detroit Lions (7-5), Kansas City Chiefs (3-1), Minnesota Vikings (8-3), New York Jets (3-0), Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0), St. Louis Rams (2-0), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-0), Tennessee Titans (2-0)

And finally, he's .500 against these six teams.

Buffalo Bills (2-2), Carolina Panthers (2-2), Indianapolis Colts (1-1), Oakland Raiders (2-2), New York Giants (1-1), Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)

Interesting to note, the only team Cutler has never faced is the Denver Broncos.

What are your thoughts on these numbers?

All stats taken from Pro Football Reference