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The Bears Den: September 16, 2015

Join us below for all the latest Chicago Bears news from around the Internet!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We're halfway through the week, and the Chicago Bears have a couple more days of practice and preparation for regular season game #2, versus the Arizona Cardinals at Soldier Field.  Week 1 saw a loss against NFC North rival Green Bay, but it seems that the attitudes of many fans are mostly positive.

Let's take a week at some recent headlines...

- Week 1 Approval Rating for head coach John Fox is a blowout so far. (LINK)

- Right tackle Kyle Long vows to not make the same in-game mistakes twice. (LINK)

- Despite the Week 1 loss, the moods at Halas Hall are surprisingly upbeat. (LINK)


- The coaching staff has restored a competent game-day operation. (LINK)

- Mike Mulligan: Jay Cutler is now being handcuffed and the team is no longer depending on him. (LINK)

- Taking a closer look at the Chicago Bears Red Zone errors that need to be addressed before Arizona. (LINK)

- Kyle Longs says Vladimir Ducasse is a freak, a mauler, and doesn't understand a word he says. (LINK)

- And Long has incredibly high praise for 'workhorse' Matt Forte. (LINK)

- If you spot Pernell McPhee, please have him report to the quarterback. (LINK)

By the way, it may be time for us to do our Chicago sportswriters Power Rankings again.  Something tells me that would make for some entertaining discussions around here.

Stay tuned...

P.S.: We've attached the prediction widget for the upcoming game. Last week we had over 25,000 predictions. Go ahead and enter yours and see how close you can get!