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WCG Watchability Index: 2015 Week 2

We're back to let you know which games are and are not worth watching, but this week's scale is slightly less arbitrary. Slightly.

Hey hey. Ho ho.
Hey hey. Ho ho.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

That was a heck of a week 1, wasn't it? Well, except the first half of that Vikings/49ers game, which was maybe some of the worst professional football I've ever seen.

We're back to tell you about this week's games, and, well, we're trying to not let things get stale. Last week we brought you the non-patented Smiley Brady/Scary Brady system, and now we're going bring you something slightly more scientific.


This week is all about POWER RANKINGS.

Yes, power rankings. That thing everyone loves to complain about, despite them having no actual outcome on the games themselves. I guess it's a respect thing? Dunno. I know I'm not inclined to care what ESPN thinks about the Bears because they're convinced that Chris Berman should still be a thing.

Any rate, we're using the chart below to rank the games. Since you're wondering, we've used SB Nation NFL's power rankings, as we like to keep things in house and not have to credit outside entities.

watchability week 2

It's simple enough, if you pay attention. Home ranks are drawn along the bottom (and are the first number listed after a matchup. Away ranks are listed on the lift, and are the second number listed. It's an X,Y grid. Not complicated. Here's what it all means:

  • Teams with higher power rankings fall into the lower left quadrant. Watching two highly ranked teams should provide a good game.
  • Teams with lower power rankings fall into the upper right quadrant. Watching two lowly ranked teams should provide a terrible game.
  • Games with one of each fall into the other two quadrants.  They are a crapshoot with the exception of the one whose classification I am going to shamelessly change because of one of the participants.

Still with us? Lower left = good, upper right = bad. Let's go.


The game that is sorta "meh" by the standards I have set but I will be escalating because "Da Bears"

Arizona @ Chicago
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
This is the Bears game. Of course it's watchable, ya dum dums. That said, it should still be worrisome - this Arizona team is no slouch - it's how they got their top 5 ranking.

The Games that should be good based on the standard I promised to use

Seattle @ Green Bay
Sunday, 7:30pm CST
A rematch of the NFC championship game from last year, this one will be exciting when these two teams I don't like full of players that annoy me battle each other. Also, the score will be something like 31-24 or something like that. Book it.

Denver @ Kansas City
Thursday, 7:25pm CST
Can Kansas City throw a TD pass to a wide receiver? They haven't in forever, they may legitimately have forgotten how.
Can Peyton avoid dying? There were a couple times last week I thought he might get knocked out.

New England @ Buffalo
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
I have never wanted Buffalo to win a football game more than I want them to win this one. Rex Ryan is as familiar with the Patriots scheme as anyone. He's got a young team playing well after one week, and this is an immediate litmus test.

Dallas @ Philadelphia
Sunday, 3:25pm CST
Dallas follows-up their big Sunday night comeback by taking on another divisional opponent. Philadelphia shows up on a shorter week after a close MNF loss. Can the manifestation of Jerry Jones' ego beat the mainfestation of Chip Kelly's ego?  Let's find out!

San Diego @ Cincinnati
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
This one fits into the should be good metric, based on their power rankings, but ooof.  Really?
The ginger-haired playoff participant takes on a team that always exists, and is always good enough to be used as a measuring stick for all the teams that go on to do things in the playoffs.

The games that are probably sorta "MEH"

New York Jets @ Indianapolis
Monday, 7:30 CST
How do the Colts not win this one handily? Simple, lack of defense. It's MNF, though, so be prepared for Gruden to talk about how much he loves Andrew Luck.  I think Gruden would go back in time and try to break up Andrew Luck's parents so that he could be Luck's dad.

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh.  No thank you.  Just no thank you.

Saint Louis @ Washington
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
Saint Louis should win this game, so expect Kirk Cousins to somehow go 21/24 for 280 yards and 3 TDs.

Baltimore @ Oakland
Sunday, 3:05pm CST
Watch Marc Trestman's offense average 3 yards per pass attempt versus a team that is pretty confident they'll be able to show up to the stadium on time.

The games that are nearly unwatchable but we will still watch them because we like football and the insane TV rules probably dictate that it's the only one on your TV anyways

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
Can Drew Brees set some kind of single game record?  Sure, if this was the Saints of four years ago.
Do you like watching older quarterbacks throw 40 slant passes? Then I have a game for you. This one. Don't watch it. Unless you have to. But don't.

Houston @ Carolina
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
Brian Hoyer, who Bill O'Brien said wasn't on a short list, got pulled after one week for Ryan Mallett.
I feel like Bill O'Brien is the kinda guy who gets mad when 4-year olds don't go all out on every play in their kiddie soccer league.

Tennessee @ Cleveland
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
It would be foolish to expect Marcus Mariota to duplicate his success from last week, but if he's going to try, there are worse teams to try it against.
The Browns shouldn't have switched oranges, btw. The old one was legit. The new one is brought to you by a young intern who told them the new one was hip.

Atlanta @ New York Giants
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
New York finished the game in one of the most baffling manners possible last week. The NFL has now told them "hey, sorry, our bad" on some calls that they missed.
Matt Ryan seems like he could be the most boring person on Earth. No, wait. Sorry, Tom Coughlin exists.

Miami @ Jacksonville
Sunday, 3:05pm CST
The battle for Florida rages on.
See meth-addled people fight in a half-empty stadium.
Watch the glory as Ryan Tannehill sets his sights to own that state until any college team does something halfway good.

Detroit @ Minnesota
Sunday, 12:00pm CST
One of these teams is going to be 1-1 after this.  0-1-1 would be awesome. Is there a way that I can make that happen?
This is yet another game being held in the stadium that is not the one that Zygi Wilf (Wylf? I'm honestly too lazy to look this up) extorted from the public up there.
The Bears game is on during this. If you're watching this, I feel bad for you.


Disagree with these game opinions? Which are you most looking forward to?