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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 2 Preview: What to watch for this weekend

Seattle vs. Green Bay, Odell Beckham Jr. takes on a young elite corner, Carlos Hyde tries to stay atop the mountain, and Marcus Mariota hooks up with the Browns in an exciting slate of Week 2 FFB games. Plus, we discuss some longshot picks if you're already desperate for waiver wire plug and plays.

Is the Bears Defense still "user-friendly" for fantasy opponents?
Is the Bears Defense still "user-friendly" for fantasy opponents?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully you're fantasy team is off to a 1-0 start as it always feels good to get that first win behind you. Heading into week 2, there are a number of things to get excited about.

Game of the week: Seattle at Green Bay - The Sunday night game features the Seahawks traveling to GB to play the Packers. Besides the obvious intrigue of watching two of the top teams in the NFC square off, this game is full of fantasy questions. On the Green Bay side, how much of a hit will Packers players take against what should still be a fierce Seahawks D? I wouldn't sit Rodgers, Cobb, or Lacy, but I'd think twice about starting the resurrected form of James Jones. On the Seattle side, this would be the game to stream a defense if you have an extra slot on your roster to spare. Rodgers is too efficient to bet on him turning the ball over. What I'm most curious to see is how much Wilson has to go to the air in this one. From the offseason moves Seattle made, it appears they want to put the ball in Wilson's hands more often. Who will the beneficiaries be in that scenario? Keep your eye on Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Tyler Lockett moving forward to see if one emerges as a consistent threat (all widely available).


Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Desmond Trufant - OBJ was pretty well shut down against the Cowboys in week 1 (5 catches for 44 yards) and he'll continue to see special attention until the Giants establish a #2 receiving threat and/or establish a respectable running game. This weekend's matchup pits OBJ against Desmond Trufant, a corner who appears ready to take that next step to elite status. Watching two emerging elite talents face off is just plain good for football, but it will also show us if sinking that first round pick on OBJ (guilty) was a wise move or not.

Carlos Hyde vs. Steelers D - Hyde carried the ball 26 times on his way to 166 rushing yards and 2 TDs, announcing to the fantasy world that he's the real deal. He's an electric young ball carrier taking over the starting role for the departed Frank Gore. Hyde looked like he was shot out of a cannon at times last year and it should be interesting to see what he can do each week. The Steelers defense isn't particularly scary these days and it should be fun to see if he can continue to put up gaudy numbers.

Marcus Mariota vs. Cleveland Browns D - Everyone was impressed with Mariota's debut, but that performance should be run under the caution flag as it was against the Bucs D. The Bucs allowed Mariota to make easy reads and the game plan smartly tailored play calling to his strengths. Let's see if he can keep it going against a Browns team that has some good players on that side of the ball. If you're feeling particularly salty, I'd love to see someone throw him into the lineup.

User Friendly Defenses - While the opposing defensive matchup shouldn't be the only consideration, it can be helpful in breaking ties for who you might want to start. This list may change frequently throughout the year, but for now I'd recommend starting guys playing against the Bucs, Titans, Raiders, and Bears.

Beware of these guys - On the other hand, here are some defenses that might make you think twice about starting someone. Defenses in my circle of trust include the aforementioned Seahawks, Bills, Texans, and Rams.

Shotgun Longshot - Joe Flacco. If you're looking for new QB (maybe you were on the Josh McCown bandwagon?) or you're just a riverboat gambler, take a look into Flacco. After a disappointing week 1 against a good Denver defense, I have a feeling Trestman is going to do everything in his power to sling the ball on Oakland. Flacco has had big days in the past and I think he's a good gamble here.

Toss Sweep Sleeper - Arizona's Johnson & Johnson. If you're looking for a running back sleeper this weekend I'd take a look at Chris Johnson or David Johnson, both of the Cardinals. Chris Johnson is almost certainly going to get the bulk of the carries against the Bears this weekend while David Johnson has the more electric ability to break a long one. Either play makes sense - it just depends on if you prefer floor (Chris) or ceiling (David).

Fly Route Flier - Brandon Coleman. The New Orleans Saints are blessed with the TB Bucs this week on the schedule and Brandon Coleman just might be available in your league. He's the #2 receiver behind Brandon Cooks and it's usually a safe bet with Drew Brees. Coleman had 7 targets last week and if he can consistently replicate those numbers, he's worth a shot if you're desperate for a WR3 play this week.

What are you looking forward to the most this weekend? Anyone forced to make a desperate play this early with injuries or poor drafting?