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Could the Chicago Bears win 10 games?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Dane asked you guys to predict how many games the Chicago Bears would win this season. He put it to a poll and as of now, six or less games was leading with about 50% of the vote. Generally speaking, Bears' fans aren't expecting a quick turnaround from head coach John Fox and his all star staff in 2015.

When peeking around the interwebs, I found it difficult to find more than a handful of "experts" that are predicting the Bears to finish with a winning record. The general consensus has the Bears ending up last in the NFC North.

Even yours truly is picking the Bears to finish with 6 wins.

There's simply not a lot of optimism out there surrounding the Bears.

But maybe this will be one of those flying-under-the-radar type teams.

There's always a few teams that seem to come out of nowhere to push for a playoff spot.

What if everything breaks in the Bears' favor and a string of bad luck hits the Packers, Lions and Vikings?

It could happen.

Over at, they are taking a look at every teams "ceiling" and every teams "floor" for the 2015 season. Bears fans are probably reminiscing back to former GM Jerry Angelo and his post draft pressers talking about ceilings and floors, but I assure you, JA was not involved in's piece.

We'll get the floor out of the way first, so I can end this article on a positive note.

Floor: 5-11. No team in the NFC North is going 4-12, not even Chicago. Even if the defense is awful, the offense should compensate. But if Cutler continues to throw picks at a high rate, Kevin White is out and Matt Forte regresses, Bears fans are going to chuck up their bratwursts as the new-look defense gets flattened.

First off, when it comes to encased meats, I prefer Italian Sausage over Bratwursts, although I'd never turn down a Brat.

And a 5 win floor? I suppose it could be worse. They gave Washington, Atlanta and Cleveland a four win floor. Jacksonville and Tampa Bay received a three win floor and Tennessee and Oakland were even given a 2 win floor.

So much for the Bears being the worst team in the NFL.

But it's much more exciting to put a positive spin on the "What If?" game, so here's their ceiling for the Bears.

Ceiling: 10-6. For Chicago to win 10 games, Jay Cutler has to really rally the troops, because the rest of the division is too strong and the Bears' defense is too weak. If Alshon Jeffery has a big season as the WR1, Eddie Royal catches 70 balls and the new 3-4 defense doesn't break (even if it significantly bends), why not? (Don't answer that.)

I will answer that.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has a good track record in the NFL. Yeah, his most successful seasons came with better overall talent, but this Bears' D could come together under his guidance. You never know.

Jared Allen could bounce back. Pernell McPhee could blossom into one of the best OLBs in the game. Lamarr Houston and Willie Young could shock the world. Antrel Rolle could be just the veteran leader the secondary needs. Everything could finally click with Shea McClellin.

On offense, the right tackle position could figure its self out. Cutler could really take to the Adam Gase offense. Matt Forte could flourish with a coach committed to running the ball. Alshon Jeffery could be 100% on opening day and play like a Pro Bowler fighting for his next contract.

And head coach John Fox could be a master motivator that pushes all the right buttons.

Oh yeah, it could happen.