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Should the Chicago Bears sign Tim Tebow?

Starting QB Jay Cutler is out with a hamstring, and Jimmy Clausen ain't going to cut it. There's one QB that Adam Gase has won with in the past, and he's currently available for work.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Despite your personal feelings about Jay Cutler as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears, one thing is for certain: He's by far the best QB on this team, and the gap between him and backup QB Jimmy Clausen is severe.

The Bears likely knew that heading into the season, but most teams take gambles with many of their backups.  And only a handful have verifiable competent 2nd string quarterbacks that can lead an offense.  For the Bears, Clausen is a known entity, but they clearly had hopes that Cutler would be able to drive the entire season.

Unfortunately, shituations happen, and with Cutler sidelined for an unspecified amount of time with an injured hamstring (details HERE), they need to figure out plan B in a hurry.

How about Tim Tebow?

Before you start revolting, think about it.  Current offensive coordinator Adam Gase was Tebow's QB Coach in Denver during the 2011 season where Tebow went 7-4 in replacement of Kyle Orton.  The Broncos also backed in to the playoffs that season, and Tebow came out and shredded the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round to the tune of 316 yards and 2 touchdowns passing, and 50 yards and 1 touchdown rushing.

Tebow has run an NFL offense as a starting QB, and has won football games in the past.  Would you rather see Tebow or Jimmy Clausen running the Bears offense while Cutler is sidelined?

And before anyone starts clamoring for David Fales, please keep in mind that he would not have been seen as the Bears 3rd string QB if he was better than Clausen.  So go ahead and strike that one off the list.

Now, what are we left with?  The free agent market isn't exactly a haven of capable NFL quarterbacks, and at least Tebow has some sort of competent connection to Gase.

Does this sound crazy? Maybe.  But what is the better option?