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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 2 Review: Positional reviews and Chicago Bears updates

Tom Brady continues to burn the league down, Matt Jones makes you forget that Alfred Morris is the starter, and Antonio Brown flirts with 200 yards in an up and down Week 2 for Fantasy Football. Plus, we'll recap our struggling Bears players and how to think about their fantasy worth going forward.

The Forte handcuff got a TD and his own series on Sunday
The Forte handcuff got a TD and his own series on Sunday
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 is a little like a second date; we're gathering more data to determine whether or not this relationship has what it takes to survive. If you grabbed Devin Funchess hoping he'd become Cam's #1 WR, well, the good news is you have someone you can feel comfortable dropping for that waiver wire pickup. Below are some Week 2 thoughts broken out by position - please add your thoughts in the comments.


-Tom Brady continues his "burn the league down" year by firing 59 passes for 466 yards and 3 TDs against what was supposed to be a good Bills defense. He's up to 7 TDs through 2 games. If there was ever a year where Brady was going to take back his TD record, it's this year. If you can find a piece of this passing game for sale, buy it.

- Tony Romo and Jay Cutler both suffered injuries on Sunday. Romo fractured his left clavicle and is out a reported 8-10 weeks. That puts his tentative timeline to return at week 10-12. I'd have a hard time holding a roster spot for him but someone will squirrel him away for playoff time. Cutler's injured hamstring has little news yet. He's safe to drop for other options.

- Derek Carr also had a high volume day (30-46, 351 yards) and added 3 TDs against only 1 INT. It won't always be this pretty for Carr, but you can see the Raiders turning into a team willing to chuck the ball. If you're looking for Romo or Cutler help, Carr is probably available and may be worth a look. He's got Cleveland, Chicago, and Denver in his next three.

- Marcus Mariota predictably came back down to earth on Sunday but still put up respectable numbers (257 - 2 TD) and didn't turn the ball over. If he's able to put up a decent floor during tough games, he's worth a roster spot if he's still available in your league. Next week he'll face Indianapolis in a likely shootout.


- I hope you enjoyed your two weeks of DeAngelo Williams (3 rushing TDs yesterday). We'll be back to our regularly scheduled LeVeon Bell programming next week.

- Dion Lewis had another good game and another fumble. Lewis only carried the ball 7 times for 40 yards but found the end zone and gathered in 6 Brady passes for 98 yards. If you didn't roster him last week, there still might be a chance to do it this week.

- Everyone started Matt Jones, right? Jones has been on the radar for a few weeks but took charge in this one, out touching Alfred Morris 19-18. He turned those 19 carries into 123 yards and 2 TDs and chipped in 3 catches. The team from Washington clearly wants to play ball control offense and Jones demands playing time with efforts like yesterday. He's available in over three quarters of Yahoo! leagues and will be a top add this week.

- I'm not sure how much longer Bruce Arians can hold back David Johnson from carving out a bigger role on this offense. The former University of Northern Iowa Panther is making the most of his opportunities. The volume might not be there but if you can get him on a roster, he's flex worthy with his playmaking potential.


- Did anyone start Travis Benjamin of the Browns? Benjamin hit pay dirt 3 times yesterday including two long TD receptions. He's got 6 catches on the year for 204 yards and 3 TDs. This is almost certainly fool's gold but if a guy is playing this well, doesn't he demand to see more action? Please gloat in the comment section if you played this sleeper.

- Doug Baldwin gathered in 7 of 8 targets for 92 yards and a TD. He's the #1 WR in that offense and has a chance to contribute as a WR3/4 for you all year. If he's still around, he's worth the add.

- Michael Crabtree was targeted 16 times, converting 9 of them  into 111 yards and a TD. I just can't trust him on my squad but there might be enough volume here from time to time for him to squeak out relevance.

- Who will finish with more receiving yards - Antonio Brown or Julio Jones? Brown has a 50 yard lead right now and I don't see anyone else contending for this title. Both are in the race for most catches as well. It would take a king's ransom for me to part with either one of these guys.


- Crockett Gillmore of Baltimore has seemingly emerged as the #2 passing option in the Ravens offense. He caught 5 balls for 88 yards and 2 TDs against a vulnerable Raiders D. If you're desperate, I can see rolling the dice on Gillmore and if nothing else, playing Crockett Gillmore just sounds really cool.

- Eric Ebron was targeted 10 times on Sunday. He could only bring in 5 of those targets but did get into the end zone. Ebron is a talented guy selected in the first round and is worth keeping an eye on in an offense that can go pass happy in the blink of an eye.

- The positional advantage that Rob Gronkowski gives your team is probably worth the pick in the top two rounds you used on him. Gronk really gives you an additional WR1 in your lineup. Let's hope he stays healthy to see what kind of numbers an angry Brady can put up with him.


- Jay Cutler - 27th QB - Well, this stinks. As mentioned above, if you have Cutler and he's ruled out for any amount of time, drop him for someone else. I don't see Jimmy Clausen as a viable starter for your team and there are likely other QBs out there that can help.

- Matt Forte - 3rd RB - Forte still managed to put up a decent day despite the team woes. Forte will be a viable back for your fantasy squad as long as he remains healthy. Despite the Seattle matchup next week, I'd still start him.

- Jeremy Langford - It was encouraging to see Langford get a series to himself and he was able to cap that drive with a trip to the end zone. The new regime is obviously high on Langford and he continues to be the preferred handcuff to Forte.

- Alshon Jeffery - Injured - Alshon missed this game with hamstring issues. Jeffery would be a tough sell for next week in Seattle but greener pastures are ahead. I'd sit Alshon if you have a choice and hope he comes back strong against the Raiders in week 4.

- Martellus Bennett - T-11th TE - Bennett failed to reach the end zone yesterday, dropping him to T-11th for TEs. I'd look to find someone else next week for the trip to Seattle with the uncertainty at QB and an angry Legion of Boom waiting.