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The Bears Den: September 23, 2015

Join us inside for the latest Chicago Bears news from around the internet.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have dropped two in a row to start the 2015 season, but new general manager Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox seem to be constantly evaluating and adjusting, as evidenced by this most recent round of roster moves (LINK).

And while we would all like to see a playoff run in 2015, Pace is more than likely also focused on getting pieces in place for next season as well, because there are far too many holes in the current roster to plug all at once.

Let's take a look at some recent headlines...

- The Chicago Bears season was just a dirty, slippery roasted pig that the river threw into the air. (LINK)

- Kyle Long is confident in Jimmy Clausen, just has to get used to his voice. (LINK)

- Clausen taking over versus Seattle is like a 15 year old learning to drive on Kennedy Expressway. (LINK)

- The Bears first concern in the secondary according to the team's official site.  Yeah, probably not the first. (LINK)

- More than 20% of the team's salary allocation goes to Allen, McPhee, Young, and Houston. And 0 sacks. (LINK)

- Even HOF coach Vince Lombardi couldn't help this team; Bushrod and Ducasse would kill him. (LINK)

- The Bears are dancing at a dance hall where the band has already left. (LINK)

- Moon Mullins graded out the Bears linebackers with a 'D' in last week's loss. (LINK)

- Fantasy Football Week 2 Review, by position. (LINK)

We'll have more thoughts on the Bears as the day rolls along. Stay tuned...