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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2015: Week 2 vs Arizona Cardinals

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Even though the Chicago Bears allowed 2 more sacks this week, I thought their pass protection was improved. Kyle Long had a better week this week, then again, he wasn't facing a future Hall Of Famer. Long was playing with a club on his hand which makes it impossible to grab, but he usually moved his feet fairly well on his pass sets.

Let's take a gander where we stand after two weeks in...

Sackwatch Cutler

Sackwatch after 2 games
2010 Sacks - 5 Martz
2011 Sacks - 11 Martz
2012 Sacks - 9 Tice
2013 Sacks - 1 Trestman
2014 Sacks - 3 Trestman
2015 Sacks - 4 Gase

Sack 3 - Third Quarter 14:21 Josh Mauro
The Bears were in a 2nd and about 11 from their own 20 yard line and at this point in the contest it was only an 8 point game. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase wasn't in catch-up mode and his play calls were still giving backup quarterback some quick options. Clausen appears as though he's waiting for something to open up downfield, but he should be taking what the defense gives him.

Take a look at the GIF below. Tight end Martellus Bennett chips to help out his right tackle, then makes himself available for a quick outlet pass to the right.

Bennett may not have gained that many yards, as there was a defender loosely playing off him, but I like his ability to break tackles in a one on one situation.

The guy who makes the sack, Josh Mauro, comes off of Bennett's chip block, and works back inside to beat right guard Vlad Ducasse. I'm not sure what Ducasse was doing on this play, because since he passed his man off to right tackle Kyle Long, he should have expected a man to come back his way. Mauro did come his way, but Vlad wanted to pass him off to his center.

The first pressure on this play comes from the left side and left tackle Jermon Bushrod's inability to slow up his man's bulrush. Bushrod doesn't deliver a very good punch and he's too high in his set. Notice the pad level on the Cardinal rushing against him, he's under Bushrod and he drives him back with little resistance.

Even though Bushrod's man didn't get in on the sack, he forced Clausen off his spot. Bushrod even grabs his guy to prevent him from getting to his QB. Luckily he wasn't penalized, but you have to admire him for doing whatever it takes to protect Clausen. If I was grading his play, I'd give him a minus, but I'm not going to give him any part of this sack allowed.

I thought about giving Clausen some of the blame on this one, but as soon as he started to climb the pocket, he was surprised by the nearly untouched Mauro. Ducasse receives the sack allowed all by himself on this one.

Sack 4 - Fourth Quarter 14:55 Markus Golden and Kareem Martin
Since this sack was split, you're probably safe to assume the blame will be as well. Take a look at both Bear tackles in the GIF below. Bushrod again gets driven back, but this time he lets his guy (#44 Golden) by.  Right tackle Long has no chance with his club hand to slow up the speed rush.

With no way to grab with his right hand, Long can't allow his man (#96 Martin) to get around his right side. Long stops his feet as Martin comes into his chest and Martin slips right by.

Maybe if Long's right hand isn't wrapped up, he can lock onto Martin's chest plate, but with the club, he has no chance. Bad footwork by both tackles grabs them each a portion of the blame on this sack.

Here's how I have the Sackwatch after 2 games.

Kyle Long - 2
Vlad Ducasse - 1
Jermon Bushrod - .5
Jay Cutler - .5