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NFL Week 3: Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks Pre-Party Open Thread

Week 3 in the NFL pits the winless Seahawks against the winless Bears. Something has to give.

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Good morning, folks. Two 0-2 teams enter, one 1-2 and one 0-3 team leave.

Maybe not exactly Thunderdome, but the fact remains that both teams today are hunting for their first win. The Seahawks have been not-winning by not getting (and keeping) Jimmy Graham involved, forgetting that Marshawn Lynch can be pretty good when he's bowling over people, and oh yeah, playing a tough division rival and the Packers can do that to a team too.

Another problem for the Seahawks has been protection, allowing eight sacks to Russell Wilson over the first two games, and while some of that might be due to the running quarterback that is Wilson, Russell Okung has not been having a good year.

But coming home to Century Link for the first time all year to face a Bears team playing their first road game of the year could be just what they needed.

It's been more like Thunderstruck than Thunderdome for the navy and orange, or maybe it's "Just when you thought it couldn't get worse." After being decimated by the Cardinals in the second half last week, allowing the first kickoff to be housed, losing their starting quarterback Jay Cutler to a hamstring injury, benching Kyle Fuller and maybe reducing Jared Allen's snaps, going in without their two top receivers in Kevin White and Alshon Jeffery... Could it get any worse?

This is how movies happen. Get it, Jimmy Clausen. On to 1-2!


Your morning linkage today introduces some fresh faces with some great stuff to say. But first I'd like to disappoint you all with the injury report.

Help of course has arrived in the form of Mitch Unrein, releasing Lavar Edwards. ... Or the promotion of David Fales?

New Writer Alert! Jack Silverstein says Jay Cutler is the best quarterback in Bears history. Deal with it dot gif.

New Writer Alert! Belated, because he's been here a week or two, but Jeff Berckes has some fantasy advice for you for Week 3.

New Writer Alert! Dave Mayer lights up the front page by turning out the lights on the 2015 season and pointing the car to the future.

Old Writer Alert! And here's Dane with the overs and unders for this week for Jimmy Clausen. Dane also has this week's tips for how you can watch the game and other essential stuff.

We exchanged questions with Field Gulls in advance of this week's game. Here's WCG to FG, and here's FG to WCG.

Sam Householder has his three key players for Week 3. Jay Cutler has not made this list. Clearly he is not important to the team's success this week.

Today's a little odd with the late kickoff. We'll have the opening kickoff thread at noon for those early games, then we'll have our Q1 thread up about 3:15 PM CT, shortly before kickoff. We'll of course have the quarterly threads as we go. Once our game ends, we'll have the quick recap up and the SNF thread shortly thereafter, with Notes first thing in the morning.

Now with all the propers out of the way... Bear Down.


This week on WCG Sunday Livestream, Sam returns, and after missing last week, he'll have a lot to say about losing to the Packers and a very tough Arizona Cardinals team. So will I, because there are some things going on that have made me legit angry. The WCG Sunday Livestream will still be going at 9:30 AM CT, as usual, so get your questions, comments, and insults in ASAPossible!

There are several ways to get a hold of us to contribute, and here's how you do it:

  • Right here. This place seems like a good spot for it. Pity about that rug though. It really tied the room together.
  • My Twitch channel. It's over here.
  • Over on our Twitters. I'm over at @SJS_illini; he's over at@SamHouseholder. It's quite the party.

We'll be live at 9:30 AM CT. See y'all then.

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