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Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks 4th Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside as the Chicago Bears take on the Seattle Seahawks.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 0

Seattle Seahawks 20


The Chicago Bears hung in there for two quarters, but the Seahawks finally found their groove in the 3rd quarter. The Bears offense is still sputtering, and the defense has softened up to the point to where Seattle is moving the ball at will.

Of course, lack of depth for the Bears on defense has caused a lot of guys to start getting worn down, and bottling up Seattle when they are gassed will be next to impossible.  At the point, the only way Seattle will be slowed down is if they make mistakes on their own.  That isn't likely for the team who have been to the last two Super Bowls.

Can the Bears find a way to make some plays and get back in this one, or will they end up falling to 0-3 to start the season?  Stay tuned...

This is your Chicago Bears versus Seattle Seahawks 4th Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!