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The Bears Den: September 29, 2015

Come inside for the latest updates on your Chicago Bears!

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

One thing we know about the Chicago Bears new general manager Ryan Pace-- he doesn't believe in standing still.  Bears fans had become acclimated to Jerry Angelo's approach of re-shuffling the chairs to try and find a way to make things work, but Pace has clearly established himself as someone who will cut people from the roster after two games, and trade away players with guaranteed salaries if they aren't a good fit.

We won't know for another couple years if Pace is making the right calls, and still has a full draft in front of him to make a difference on the roster, but at lease we know he won't stay status quo if something isn't working.

Some headlines from 'round the Internet:

- Bears trade Jared Allen to Carolina for a 6th round pick. (LINK)

- Bears trade LB Jon Bostic to the Patriots for a 6th round pick. (LINK)

- John Fox: The Bears need to score more than zero points. Very basically. (LINK)

- 10 thoughts from Brad Biggs on the Chicago Bears. Good stuff right here. (LINK)

- The next game versus the Raiders will likely be Jimmy Clausen again, and Fox says he hasn't even worked with David Fales that much. (LINK)

- Pernell McPhee says the loss of Jared Allen means a loss of leadership and wisdom. (LINK)

- Alshon Jeffery expected to return to the field this Sunday versus the Raiders. (LINK)

**Closing thought: Many people have been calling for Jay Cutler to continue sitting, as well as Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery, because the team has started 0-3 and the team shouldn't risk them getting hurt. Not for any punitive reasons, just to preserve them and evaluate the talent behind them.

There's not a team in the league that will tie up tens of millions of dollars of their payroll, only to have their employees sit on the bench and collect a paycheck.  There's a huge difference in resting an extra week coming off an injury, versus calling it a season and playing all of the backups.  Teams just aren't going to let their payroll dollars sit on the sideline and collect a check.

If they can play, you can bet they will.

Just my two cents...