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NFL Power Rankings: The Bears are the worst team in the football world

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Every week we'll peek in around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears are ranked in the eyes of the various Power Rankers out there.

These trips around the NFL Power Rankings aren't going to very fun this year for us Chicago Bears fans. We already were expecting a bit of a rebuilding season, but now experts are saying it could be an epically bad season. Like worst team in the NFL bad. I've always enjoyed Mock Draft season, I just enjoy in closer to January.

Fans are already talking about which player the Bears are going to draft and if the Bears are going to tank.

First off, I can't stand discussions about tanking. There's no such think as tanking in professional sports. Sure an organization can realize that the current season is lost and they start preparing for next year. But the players are professionals that are concerned about where their next paycheck is coming from.

Players don't tank. Anyone that has ever played a competitive sport realizes athletes can't tank. It's not in their DNA. Whoever a general manager puts on a field will try their damnedest to succeed.

But moving on...

Let's see how the 0-3 Bears rank this week. You can skip down to the comment section if you don't want to see the gory details.

We'll start with the Mothership, SB Nation, and they dropped the Bears down 1 spot to dead last, calling them "completely listless." The Arizona Cardinals' SB Nation site, Revenge Of The Birds, has the Bears 32. Denver's Mile High Report also has the Bears dead last, but they didn't have time this week to add any of the snark we've come to love to hate.

Philly's Bleeding Green Nation also has Chicago at the bottom again.

32) Chicago Bears (LW: 32) - Surprise: the Bears, led by Jimmy Clausen, got shut out in Seattle. Chicago's offense was so bad that they had to punt 10 times. And the punter suffered an injury due to excessive use. has the Bears last.

The only interesting aspect of the Bears' performance in Seattle was just how stunningly futile they really were. Everyone knew Jimmy Clausen was starting, Kam Chancellor was back, and that this contest was the easiest to prognosticate on the weekend slate. But 146 yards. Really? 146 freakin' yards? That's it? Chicago managed 48 net yards passing. That wasn't even good in 1935, much less now. Feeling comfortable about keeping the Bears at this spot in the rankings. Real. Comfortable. (Jeans.)

I don't get the jeans joke.

Yahoo Sports has the Bears 32 as well.

I think it's smart for them to have a fire sale. They know who they are, and there's no use fooling themselves into thinking they can win 10 of 13 from here on out. But it's odd they didn't have that big picture in mind when they should have found a way to trade a certain quarterback in January or February.

Trading two players that weren't in the 2016 plans for low draft picks isn't really a fire sale is it?

ESPN has something called a Football Power Index (FPI) that takes more of a statistical approach to the ranking and the Bears aren't last, they're 30th!

But in ESPN's real power ranking has the Bears ranked 32nd.

The Bears punted on all 10 of their possessions in Week 3. The silver lining to that? They didn't turn the ball over once.

Pro Football Talk also has the Bears in the cellar.

32. Bears (0-3; No. 32): If the reward for stinking is being traded to a contender, count on a lot more stink in Chicago.

The USA Today, who ranked the Beasr last in the preseason, has the Bears there again this week.

They punted after all 10 drives Sunday, making them antithesis of No. 1 team on this list. (It's starting to feel like 2014 all over again.)

Count FOX Sports among those that have the Bears at 32.

The Bears are playing much better defense under new head coach John Fox, but this is only year one -- a major talent infusion is necessary in the secondary. The offense needs to figure out how to do a better job of moving the chains to control the clock.

Wait a minute, Fanspeak has Chicago at 30!

No one thought it was going to be pretty with Jimmy Clausen starting against an angry 0-2 Seahawks in Seattle. And it wasn't. Despite Bears' fans frustrations with Jay Cutler, they need him back asap to keep this season from getting ugly.

Oh now I get it, they have a Cutler apologist writing their rankings!

I can't take any more... This list has me feeling like the sad bear...

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Where do you see the Bears ending up next week?