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Are the McCaskeys Irrelevant in Roger Goodell's NFL?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier today in the Washington Post, there was an infographic depicting which NFL owners are closest with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. They group the owners in 5 different categories;

  • Inner Circle
  • Loyalists
  • Mavericks
  • Outsiders
  • Irrelevants

The Inner Circle group should come as no big surprise, as these guys have been walking lockstep with Goodell since he was named Commish in 2006. The Rooney Family (Steelers), the Mara Family (Giants), Jerry Richardson (Panthers), Jerry Jones (Cowboys) and Robert Kraft (Patriots) have all been front and center with Goodell on a number of big decisions through the years.

But the McCaskey Family, proud owners of the Chicago Bears, were put into the Irrelevants and here's how the Washington Post describes them.

Disengaged or defiant, these owners are seen as prominent individuals the league office must manage — and keep happy — but for a variety of reasons are not involved in shaping NFL policy.

And here's what was was specifically written about the McCaskeys.

The league seems interested in the market, moving the NFL draft to Chicago, but the McCaskeys are mostly uninvolved.

So the McCaskey Family, a family that has been involved with the NFL since it's inception, is placated when need be, but otherwise ignored. Whether by choice or not, it's kind of sad that George Halas' family has nothing to do with influencing policy in the NFL, nor are they willing to stand up and speak out like the Mavericks do.

But back to Goodell for a moment. You may have caught the recent ruling by a federal judge in the Tom Brady deflated ball case. Goodell's ruling of a 4 game ban for Brady was overturned and the Patriots will not be without their Pro Bowl QB at all.

This ruling may prompt others around the NFL to fight back, first of which could be Greg Hardy of the Cowboys. Check out what our sister site, Blogging the Boys, wrote on the subject, right here.

SB Nation has another good read titled, How Roger Goodell screwed himself with Tom Brady's suspension.

What are your thoughts on the McCaskey Family being an afterthought and on the Brady suspension being lifted?