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Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns Pre-Party Open Thread

The preseason is over. Who is making this roster?

For Fales, a challenger suddenly appears.
For Fales, a challenger suddenly appears.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Every year. Every damn year, you can set your watch by the Bears and Browns battling it out in the most meaningless preseason game.

Most meaningless, that is, to perhaps you or I or the final standings.  There are, however, 22 guys who won't be on the roster after Saturday.  You can bet that this game means a lot to some of them.

Some questions to answer:

Can newcomer Zac Dysert battle for that third spot with David Fales, or maybe even the #2 job?

What can Khari Lee do with one day lead time?

Is Kyle Long going to see any time at tackle?

Which Chicago Bears player will be a surprise addition to the Final 53?

What's Lance Briggs going to do now that he's sort of retired but not really?

Some things to look for:


What are all of these wide receivers doing, and who's getting the most time at the highest levels. The people playing a lot in the beginning are the guys on your team.

Does Jacquizz Rodgers have a place on this team?  Now that Senorise Perry is out, it might be easier.

Who's on the offensive line? There's your depth players, barring a later signing.


Do they play with some semblance of not being garbage?


This one is key - look at who is getting these reps, because that's your backend depth indicator. If you can play special teams, you can be the fifth or sixth cornerback.  If you can't, enjoy your time elsewhere.

We've talked about the meaning of this game, but what are you guys and gals looking for?