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Bears vs Browns: Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down

The Bears triumphed over the Browns in Backup Bowl 2015, shutting them out. We watched the whole thing to bring you these Notes.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The fourth preseason is a conundrum for a lot of people, as it's hard to watch NFL backups and backups of backups play a game for a full 60 minutes. So it was as well for your dutiful recapper. My night started out with two separate game invites from a couple of different friends, and both got basically the same response:

"I'm doing the football thing. No idea why tonight, it's the final preseason game, but maybe I can get some advance work done on the recap for Backup Bowl 2015."

Yet not only am I here with Notes this morning, I also DVR'd the game... and went back to it. To catch some of those people that may have a really good chance to make this team. You can save your adoration for later by watching the WCG Sunday Livestream. And you're welcome.

  • Terrnce Mitchell is getting credit for a fumble recovery, and he wants to make those big game-changing plays, recovering turnovers and all, but Darius Jennings must really want Mitchell on the Bears to basically toss the ball forward in his direction on that fumble. To be fair, I think Mitchell's made the team with Tim Jennings' termination anyway, but that recovery couldn't have been any more of a present if it was gift wrapped and left under the tree.
  • If the Bears carry three quarterbacks, right now I'd prefer Zac Dysert over David Fales, if he can be snuck to the practice squad. (This comment typed at about 6:20 left in the second quarter.)
  • Meanwhile, I'm ready to put Jeremy Langford in Canton. (This is not a serious comment, but I do like how he runs with a head of steam in free space.) Both Langford and Ka'Deem Carey looked good in their action, and with Senorise Perry hitting IR, carrying all four running backs is a distinct possibility.
  • Well, Marc Mariani is sure showing he might deserve consideration as a legit fifth or sixth wide receiver. If Alshon Jeffery comes back for Week 1, that makes the receiver picture instantly so much better. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see the extra wide receiver get some decent action against Green Bay.
  • Speaking of wide receivers, would you like Josh Lenz back right now as a down-the-chart option? I can't really say I'd dislike it.
  • I hope Jacquizz Rodgers gets jumped in the depth chart, and I hope it's because Langford and Ka'Deem Carey are doing things. Something about Rodgers just doesn't feel good to me on the field; I don't know if it's his running from the backfield, or that he got route-jumped on a short out.
  • I hated watching Anthony Jefferson make a great special teams stop and then immediately have to leave with an arm injury.
  • Speaking of frustrating things, I love it when the d-line and pass rush get upfield, harass the quarterback, and give him enough of a lane to get out into space and run for a first down. I do not actually like the sight of that. Just saying.
  • Interesting to see Demontre Hurst line up as a safety. Also interesting to see Jacoby Glenn make a couple good hard stops; that safety picture could get very interesting come Saturday.
  • Mason Foster had himself a pretty decent night, as did John Timu, but I don't think Timu makes this team - too many others ahead of him, unless a hard cut is made (like Foster or Acho). Cornelius Washington made one really good tackle for loss in the backfield and looks like he's made it.
  • I know singular plays in this silly game aren't going to bring anybody on to the 53, but Jonathan Anderson's sack/FF on Thad Lewis was pretty as hell.
  • Hey, coaches need those preseason reps on that challenge flag mechanic. On the other hand, I kind of think having to challenge plays in the preseason is kind of silly.
  • Oh no guys Robbie Gould missed a field goal. He's totally not making the team, am I right?

As we head into the second half of the games, things began to kind of switch focus, and I decided to somewhat live-blog the stream of consciousness that enters my head during that time when the guys that most likely won't be around any longer get their playing time, lest I get into strings of commentary that become "Hey a play made by a guy who won't be here past Saturday!".

  • So technically, the first unit offense scored a touchdown finally. That makes everything better, right?
  • Just once I'd like to see a team that wants to run the ball actually lead in time of possession. Completing passes and drives, and stopping drives, might just help that.
  • Looking up at the earlier note on Fales, after Fales ran to his right and threw to Josh Bellamy for a huge first down and the escape to throw a touchdown pass to Ify Umodu... man, that guy who wrote that note is an idiot, Fales is totally Tom Brady the Second, he just needs an opportunity.
  • I like Ify Umodu. I especially like saying Ify Umodu's name. But I think his prospects of making the team are iffy. Also, Ify Umodu.
  • Darius Jennings totally earned that facemask penalty; maybe now players will stop grabbing facemasks, period.
  • So what do you think of Terry Williams staying on the team? There's a chance he could make it.
  • Matt Wells looks pretty good as a late addition, but I think he gets squeezed out in the numbers game too.
  • Regarding yesterday's Deflategate ruling (and the NFL's appeal), I don't have a problem with a four-game suspension, however much it's viewed as inconsistent. I think, as a penalty imposed as cheating within the game, it should be on a separate scale than the league's outside-the-lines policies. But I also don't think the outside-the-lines policies hit hard enough, at all. That being said, he's Roger Screwed-ell.
  • If Wells, Anderson and Timu are going to make the roster, Lou Canellis, who's getting cut?
  • Of course, the Bears would go from 3rd and 11 to 3rd and 26 to 4th and 23.
  • Thad Lewis is not an NFL quarterback. I had to make sure it was the same guy that played for Buffalo in 2013, and surprise, it is.
  • Hey guys Chris Conte just dropped on a Thad Lewis pass and picked it and ran straight to the endzone. Wait, that's not Conte, it's just Sherrod Martin wearing Conte's old number.
  • I get a bit of a weird feeling watching quarterbacks convert to other positions. Yeah, they can be quite athletic, but just being athletic compared to learning and playing the position for multiple years at college isn't quite the same thing.
  • I love the Bears can get a pass rush against the deep backups of Cleveland. Now if only the guys that didn't play in this game can get a pass rush going against Green Bay.
  • I'm not going to pretend to know what that motion is in the picture.

With that, we're finally done with the preseason. Hey, 3-1 in the preseason means 12-4 in the regular season, right? Come Saturday, we'll have our 53-man roster, and come next Sunday, we'll have our first regular season game. See you guys then.