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Chicago Bears Roster Update: 2015 Practice Squad is complete (for now)

After deciding on their initial 53-man regular season roster, the Bears have identified their Practice Team. Details inside...

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A week ahead of the 2015 regular season, the Chicago Bears have identified their initial 53-man roster, and have now finalized their practice squad roster. Each team can sign up to ten players to their Practice Squad, but these players can also be signed by any other team throughout the season if they will be promoted to the regular 53-player roster.

Practice Team players earn a minimum of $6,600 per week, but teams do not have a limit on what they can pay them.  The salaries do, however, count against the salary cap.

The Chicago Bears 2015 Practice Team players are as follows:

Jonathan Anderson, LB, Texas Christian

Lamin Barrow, LB, LSU

Nick Becton, T, Virginia Tech

Brandon Dunn, DL, Louisville

Jacoby Glenn, CB, Central Florida

Paul Lasike, RB/FB, BYU

Jalen Saunders, WR, Oklahoma

Gannon Sinclair, TE, Missouri State

Emughedi "Ify" Umodu, WR, Northern Arizona

Terry Williams, DL, East Carolina

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