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Chicago Bears Fantasy Football 2015: Top-5 players

The Chicago Bears have a new offensive coordinator in Adam Gase, but are incredibly thin at certain positions-- who will be the top-5 fantasy players for 2015?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2015 season begins, what are your thoughts on Chicago Bears players making your Fantasy rosters?

Jay Cutler is a polarizing player, for many reasons.  While the general public may form opinions of him based on sideline demeanor and facial expressions, those who take Fantasy Football seriously also find themselves in a potentially compromising situation as well.

Cutler holds most major passing records in Chicago Bears franchise history, and can arguably be noted as the best QB the team has ever had.

For good or for bad, he is the 2015 starting quarterback, and the risk vs reward factor for Fantasy leagues can make you pull your hair out.

As you are putting your Fantasy teams together for 2015, who would be your top-5 Chicago Bears players drafted? Of course, running back Matt Forte is likely on your radar, as is wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.  But is anyone looking at Eddie Royal or Martellus Bennett?  How about Robbie Gould?

Who is your top-5 Chicago Bears fantasy players for 2015?

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