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Chicago Bears initial 10-man practice squad established (Updated)

The Bears had ten slots to fill, and they've got an even split of offense and defense.

Ify makes the team. Sort of.
Ify makes the team. Sort of.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have announced their ten-man practice squad to start the 2015 season:

  • Jonathan Anderson, LB, Texas Christian
  • Lamin Barrow, LB, LSU
  • Nick Becton, T, Virginia Tech
  • Brandon Dunn, DL, Louisville
  • Jacoby Glenn, CB, Central Florida
  • Paul Lasike, RB/FB, BYU
  • Jalen Saunders, WR, Oklahoma
  • Gannon Sinclair, TE, Missouri State
  • Emughedi "Ify" Umodu, WR, Northern Arizona
  • Terry Williams, DL, East Carolina
  • Bronson Hill, RB, Eastern Michigan

Of this list, 6 were cut Sunday: Dunn, Williams, Umodu, Sinclair, Glenn, Anderson.

The practice squad is a very fluid beast, and players can easily move on and off throughout the season. Several players showed some flashes in their game during the preseason, including Sinclair, Umodu, and Glenn. Some thought Sinclair might have had a chance at the 53 man roster, but that was drastically impacted by the signing of Khari Lee earlier this week.

Lamin Barrow is interesting for his previous experience with head coach John Fox. The Broncos drafted Barrow in the fifth round of the 2014 draft,

Jalen Saunders has had an interesting couple weeks, being trade by the Saints to the Patriots, only to have a so-so performance and end up on the practice squad in Chicago. He is now on his sixth team.

Former rugby player Paul Lasike got a nice write-up a couple weeks ago as he was trying to make the Arizona squad.

The practice squad players are an important part of helping the full team prepare for games each week, as well as a place to hold and develop players. History, however, doesn't favor the practice squad player in terms of long-term success. Many bounce around a few years before leaving the league. It's soon to say if any of these guys can stick.

UPDATE: The Bears terminated the practice squad contract of RB/FB Paul Lasike yesterday (9/8) and his agent said it was simply a visa problem and he'd be back soon.

Earlier today (9/9) the Bears filled that spot with RB Bronson Hill, a rookie UDFA from Eastern Michigan.