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Packers Week Starts: McCarthy says "We'll kick Chicago's...."

The NFL season is almost here, this is an actual game week. In fact, it's Packers week for the Chicago Bears and Green Bay's coach is already giving the Bears some billboard material.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, as many NFL teams do, Green Bay had their annual season kickoff luncheon, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave the fans a nice little rah-rah speech:

Now, I have no problem with that per say, it should be pretty common for coaches and players to talk big and with a little more bravado at events like there where they can be pandering to the crowd and it's not the typical open environment.

Plus, I mean, really, is McCarthy wrong? The Packers are a team that has a lot more skill and depth than Chicago and has been in the playoffs every year for the past six seasons. Plus they outscored the Bears 93-31 in their two games last season. So it's hardly a bold prediction or a hot take to say something like that.

What was John Fox's response?

John Fox isn't really the Mike Ditka or Rex Ryan type to start throwing stones at opponents, which is fine too. He usually gets his players to show up on game day and give it all they have, which is about all fans can hope for this season. There's no use to ticking off a rival that's already got a leg up in terms of skill and talent.

But make no mistake: McCarthy's quote is going to be all over Halas Hall this week.

Another thing that is for sure: It is officially Bears-Packers week. Bear Down!