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Kyle Long to right tackle still not confirmed

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There are two big stories on the minds of Chicago Bears' fans this week. One is the injury status of the wide receiving corps (more on that here), the other is Kyle Long moving out to right tackle.

It's widely expected that they will move their pro bowl right guard out there, but with the team portion of practice closed to the media, we may not know until Sunday.

Head coach John Fox remains cryptic on this one as well.

When asked about Long starting at tackle or guard this week, Fox responded, "I think he's going to be active for the game more than likely." And when pressed on his lineup for the game, he quipped, "We'll have to an hour & a half before kickoff activate our 46, just like our opponent will."

"We're not going to announce our starting lineup. I think most people would understand why." Fox elaborated, "I don't think it serves you well to advertise what you're going to do, personnel or plays."

Makes sense to me.

Kyle Long is doing his part to keep up Fox's mysterious ways, and when asked where he'll be lining up against Green Bay he said, "I have no clue. We're trying to put forth our best 7 guys in pads on Sunday."

Long has to have a clue after practicing today.

If Long does kick out to RT, expect Vladimir Ducasse to be lining up at right guard. Newly signed Patrick Omameh figures to be in the mix at RG eventually as well. Omameh started all 16 games last year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at RG, but they tried to make a right tackle out of him this offseason. The Bucs drafted offensive linemen in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, so they were clearly looking to change things up at the position.

Kyle Long is the most athletic and one of the hardest working offensive lineman on the roster, so hopefully the move outside will be a seamless one.

"I'm just trying to be as dialed in as I can in the spots that I'm possibly going to be in."

Notice how Long says spots instead of spot. The John Fox philosophy is clearly taking hold among the players.