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Is Dowell Loggains more prepared to be a play caller in 2016 than Adam Gase was in 2013?

On Monday, Chicago Bears head coach John Fox promoted quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains to offensive coordinator. It was the logical move and a move that Fox has had some success with in the past, but that hasn't stopped some from being concerned about Loggains taking over play calling duties.

I tend to trust Fox because he's had experience in turning over his staff before. Jack Del Rio, Dennis Allen, Mike McCoy and now Adam Gase, are all coordinators that worked with Fox before being hired away to be head coaches themselves.

Time will tell if Loggains has what it takes to find success as play caller for Chicago's offense, but he's definitely as qualified as some other young candidates and it could be argued that he's more qualified that Adam Gase was when Fox decided to promote him.

If we look back to Fox's 2013 offseason with the Denver Broncos, he was forced to replace his successful offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, when McCoy was hired as head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Fox turned to his 34 year old QB coach at that time, Adam Gase.

Before Fox promoted him, Gase was never* a play caller at any level and he had 5 years of experience as a position coach in the NFL.

Before Fox promoted the 35 year old Loggains, he did have play calling experience as the offensive coordinator for the Titans for the last 5 games of 2012 and all of 2013, and he had over 4 and a half years experience as a position coach in the NFL. When the Titans fired Mike Munchak after going 7-9 in 2013, Loggains was out with him.

Gase had 10 years of NFL coaching/scouting experience before Fox decided he was ready to be his play caller in 2012. Here's Gase's NFL resume before being named offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

  • 2003 - Lions Scouting Assistant
  • 2004 - Lions Scouting Assistant
  • 2005 - Lions Offensive Assistant
  • 2006 - Lions Offensive Assistant
  • 2007 - Lions Quarterbacks
  • 2008 - 49ers Offensive Assistant
  • 2009 - Broncos Wide Receivers
  • 2010 - Broncos Wide Receivers
  • 2011 - Broncos Quarterbacks
  • 2012 - Broncos Quarterbacks*

* Mike McCoy allowed Gase to call some plays here and there in 2012.

Loggains had 11 years of NFL coaching/scouting experience before Fox decided he was prepared to be his play caller in 2016. Here's Loggains' NFL resume before being named the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.

  • 2005 - Cowboys Scouting Asst.
  • 2006 - Titans Coaching Admin. Asst.
  • 2007 - Titans Coaching Admin. Asst.
  • 2008 - Titans Offensive Quality Control
  • 2009 - Titans Offensive Quality Control
  • 2010 - Titans Quarterbacks
  • 2011 - Titans Quarterbacks
  • 2012 - Titans Quarterbacks/Interim OC
  • 2013 - Titans Offensive Coordinator
  • 2014 - Browns Quarterbacks
  • 2015 - Bears Quarterbacks

Before coming to the NFL, Gase was a student assistant at Michigan State and a grad assistant at LSU under Nick Saban. Gase never played college football.

Before coming to the NFL, Loggains was a back up quarterback at the University Of Arkansas, graduating in 2003.

Besides Saban, here are a few other people Gase has crossed paths with; Josh McDaniels, Steve Mariucci, Mike Martz, Rod Marinelli, Mike Nolan, Peyton Manning and Mike McCoy.

Here are a few people that Loggains has crossed paths with; Bill Parcells, Sean Payton, Norm Chow, Mike Munchak, Mike Heimerdinger and Chris Palmer.

In Gase's first year as an offensive coordinator (2013), the Bronco offense actually improved from McCoy's. Do you think the Bears offense could improve in 2016 with Loggains calling the plays?

Will Loggains eventually be a hot head coaching prospect? I think we're a few years from knowing the answer to that, but he is on the right path.