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NFL Divisional Playoffs: Arizona Cardinals outlast Green Bay Packers

There was a remarkable game on Saturday night, and if you didn't watch it live, the highlights won't do it justice.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Did you watch football last night? If you didn't see the Packers- Cardinals game live and only saw highlights, you missed out. For someone who has 30 years of watching football under my belt, and another 15 writing about it, that was an incredible finish to an incredible match-up.

When real football is played, and the stakes are high, teams turn to their heavy-hitters. The Packers made sure that Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers were the ones on their offense that had the chance to make plays, and the Cardinals turned to Larry Fitzgerald when their season was on the line. Great football players make great plays, and Saturday night was a game like no other.

I mean, when the officials have to re-do the coin toss heading into overtime because THE COIN DIDN'T FLIP, you know things are wacky. By the way, you should try to throw a coin up into the air and have it stay flat, and land flat, with no rotations. I wouldn't have thought it could be done on accident, and it's likely just as difficult to do it on purpose.

Of course, as Bears fans, we were all likely rooting for the Cardinals, and when it was all said and done, after an insane back-and-forth contest between two of football's juggernauts... the Green Bay Packers were sent home, their season ending in disbelief.

You may have felt that way too.

Sunday will feature the final NFC divisional game between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers-- the winner will go on to the conference championship game versus the Cardinals.

At this point, the Vikings and Packers are out, so I don't have a real rooting interest. But after watching Arizona last night, maybe I'll stick with them.