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NFC Divisional playoffs: Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion for today's Seahawks vs Panthers contest!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC Championship match-up is 50% set, and the Arizona Cardinals are as dangerous as anyone in the league right now. Who will they face next week in the conference championship game?

Sunday features two additional dangerous teams in the NFC, with the Carolina Panthers squaring off against the Seattle Seahawks. These are two teams that are well-coached, that have great quarterbacks, and tough defenses. That's the combination that wins championships (it's been a while, hasn't it, Bears fans?).

Not to mention two teams that have gotten better as the year has gone along. At one point, people were wondering whether the Seahawks would even make the playoffs, and now here we are wondering if they will make it to the NFC Championship game.

So while the Cardinals rest up and get ready for next week, the NFC has one more game left to determine who moves on, and who goes home.

Who are you rooting for today?

This is your Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers Open Thread... Have fun!