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NFL Playoffs 2016: Cardinals vs Panthers, Broncos vs Patriots in conference championships

And then there were four...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL playoffs have been incredibly competitive, and unlike many other years, we don't have a barely-over-.500 team that snuck in the back door making a run in the postseason. Both the NFC and AFC Championships feature the #1 seed versus the #2 seed, and all four teams have similar stories to tell: great coaching, great quarterbacks, and tough defenses. That's your recipe for success in the NFL.

The New England Patriots will square off against the Denver Broncos for the AFC championship next Sunday, January 24th, at 2:05pm CT.  Of course the biggest storyline is Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning, a rivalry that goes back 15 years and has its own Wikepedia page.

For the NFC crown, the Arizona Cardinals will play the Carolina Panthers next Sunday at 5:40pm CT. Both the Panthers and the Cardinals have played very, very good football this season, and this could turn out to be the game of the year in the NFC.

So we're down to four teams... But there can only be two heading to the Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for?