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Report: NFL plans permanent franchise in the United Kingdom by 2022

There isn't much more information, but would this mean a franchise was relocating? More than likely, it would mean adding a 33rd NFL team...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell is a lot of things, but certainly above anything else, he's a business man. Goodell has grown the NFL to unimagined heights since taking over as Commissioner in 2006, and undoubtedly has plans to expand even further.

That said, a curious report has come out of BBC this morning-- Mark Waller, NFL spokesperson, has reportedly told BBC that there will be a permanent NFL in the United Kingdom by 2022.

The UK will have its own American football franchise within six years, according to NFL spokesman Mark Waller.

London's Wembley Stadium has hosted regular season NFL games since 2007, with Jacksonville Jaguars playing one home game a season there since 2013.

Of course right now there is a symmetrical 32 NFL teams, so adding a 33rd would throw things off a bit. It could certainly be done, with an extra team being added to a division without much of an issue. Remember the 2001 season? That was before the expansion, where the AFC Central had six teams and everyone else around the league had five.

That was also a great year for the Chicago Bears...

So what is Goodell up to now? It would seem unlikely that a current franchise would be relocated to the UK, and if they plan on creating a 33rd team, then we should expect future growth overseas in the years to follow.

35 teams? 40?

Stay tuned...