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Chicago Bears retired jersey and Hall of Fame: Who's next

The Chicago Bears are the greatest franchise in the history of the NFL... But who will be the next retired legend to be honored?

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There are many NFL fanbases that will argue who is the greatest franchise in NFL history, but few and far between will have any substance to their argument.

For the purposes of this exercise, we're wondering who will be the next legend that either has their number retired, or inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Who is the next Chicago Bears legend?

In 2013, the Chicago Bears retired Mike Ditka's #89 jersey, and stated he would be the last number they ever retire. The Bears have retired more jersey numbers than any other team in the league, with Ditka being the 14th they have retired.  While they may say Ditka is intended on being the last, it could be argued that might not be a permanent decision.

Let's switch to Chicago Bears players in the NFL Hall of Fame... Who could be the next player from the team inducted? The Bears have more Hall of Fame inductees than any other franchise (32), and the last one enshrined was Richard Dent in 2011.  To be eligible, a player or coach has to be retired from the league for five years.

Who will be the Bears next legend to have their number retired or elected into the Hall of Fame?