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Conference Championships Preparty Open Thread: Elite Football

The conference championships should be the best football we've seen all year long-- each game features the best of the best.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Quite often in the NFL, we see a team back-end into the playoffs with an 8-8 or 9-7 record, but get hot at the right moment and make a deep run. And sometimes, those teams end up winning the Super Bowl.  But this year is clearly different, with the two best teams in each conference squaring off for a chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

All four teams have three things on common: Great quarterbacks, excellent coaching, and tough as nails defenses. That's the recipe of championship football.

The #1 seed Denver Broncos will face the #2 seed New England Patriots at 2:05pm CT Sunday, and the #1 seed Carolina Panthers battle the #2 seed Arizona Cardinals at 5:40pm.

The Chicago Bears are in the process of trying to build something similar, but is John Fox and Jay Cutler two of the three needed pieces to win a championship?

We'll have Open Threads later for each game, but until then, feel free to use this as your pre-game Open Thread.

Have fun!